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I recently bought a Fiio E11 and L3 to play from my iPod touch 4th generation, but the L3 broke on day 2. The stress from bending between the iPod and amp must have broken some of the connections in the housing for the dock connector. I just got another one yesterday and was wondering if it would help to open the housing and try to reinforce the strain relief somehow. I'm not sure what exactly I'd use to do so or if it would help. What do you guys think?
Thanks so much for your reply, it really helped. I'll probably order a few extra dock connectors just to be safe, and I'll be sure to through some pictures up here. Thanks for the help.
Hi guys,   a few weeks ago I bought my first amp and LOD (a Fiio L3). The LOD broke in two days. After a little research, I decided that I want to try making my own.   I understand the parts of an LOD, but just have a few last questions. I'll be following this guide using 22 AWG Teflon insulated silver wire and a pailiccs jack.   1. I plan on using this dock connector. Is this a good choice? What is the difference between a shielded and an unshielded connector, and...
Another vote for the Delta review. I'd love to know how they stack up in the price range.
  He's not too keen on Craigslist. He said that he'd rather just buy something online and have it shipped to him. Thanks though.
My friend's been powering said speakers with a Onkyo receiver for a little while now and for some reason the receiver died. He needs a new amp for under $100. I was thinking a Lepai LP-2020A+ or a Dayton DTA-100a. He also wants to be able to plug his HD555's into it. Any recommendations or comments? Thanks
So you don't think 20wpc will underpower the speakers? As far as an avr, space is an issue, but my friend has an old, small kenwood receiver he could give me, but then I might have to worry about over powering, I'm not quite sure what it's rated for. The kenwood speakers that they came with were 60w each and the sony speakers have a max power of 120w. Is that per channel or total? Thanks.
I'm considering getting these and I need an amp to power them.   I was originally considering this because the price was right and I've seen in recommended before. However, I read a review that less than about 40wpc for the sony's would cause them to...
Hey joker, when you do your review of the Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10's, do you plan to/ could you compare them to Klipsch X10's and or Etymotic HF5's?
  I'm considering a T3 T4 or T5 for my golds.
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