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I ordered my FiiO E7 / E9 combo from Amazon.com. If I use the e7 by itself, I still get no sound via USB DAC. Maybe I should RMA the E7 unit? What do you guys think? Also, are you guys using Ubuntu?
Just wanted to post an update to this. I still haven't gotten it working, but after a lot more testing, I can confirm that the e7 and e9 work using my mp3 player, but still won't work using USB DAC. I sent the FiiO support department an email, but haven't received a response yet.   Guess I'll just wait and see what happens! I'll be sure to update with a solution when I get more information.
Hi everyone,   This is my first post, so please excuse me if I'm putting this in the wrong area. I've got a question regarding getting my new E7/E9 combo to work.   I've never had an amp before, and bought the e7/e9 based on one of the reviews I saw here, which spoke pretty highly of it. Before purchasing, I did some looking around, and it appeared that lots of users were using it with different operating systems (windows, mac, linux ). I, however, am...
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