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Mogami cable is a great budget choice, this one already sounds much better than the original one. hopes you enjoy!
Which cable you have got?    
I have once tried both in a headphone store, the Crossfade is not comfortable for wearing long time (my head is quite big indeed). They sounds worse than the Beats Pro (with both amped). If its direct driven, each have their own signature, though none are of my taste. I better go for the AT-ESW9 or ES10 which pleases my eyes and my ears with the same budget
If you wish to have less bass, why did you get the beats solo at the first place. you will be much better off with other cans in terms of sound quality    
You can ask if someone want to sell their original cables if they have their HD650 recabled, just try out ur luck in the forum
Will that introduces noices or crosstalk into the cable?    
Choosing a 250ohm seems to be a balanced choice between voltage and details    
Heard that the build quality of the X-Can havent improved much accross the generations, yet the price tags differs
The price is a bit scary for an "upgrade" cable.    
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