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Ye my friend has a nice cat , and we once tried to put a paper hat on her, and she showed us what's the meaning of defending to death by ripping it apart.  
oh that's much better , I guess it's just the import tax lol , anyone know any source that sells the japanese CD in a more reasonable price? I really dig their female vocals, or pop songs as i can't understand them what so ever, cz I find many pop singers have great voice but their songs are just non-sense , it kinda bugs me lol 
Agreed, that's a bad idea, there is some bargain 2 in 1 devices, the Audio-GD fun or the other one from em said has great synergy with K701 , maybe the HDR? 
This is some nice post, saved, There should be more of this lol, although i'm pretty sure the newbies just gonna ask the same question over and over again lol 
how exactly did you put that bread on the cat? 
It's it true that a full album CD in Japan runs like $50? I saw some imported ones at our local store, a EP or single could run at least $15
  well, there are more than a billion of em, you can not just cover em all or represent em in anyway, especially just spent time with some Chinese. It would be wrong to judge people from where they are. Although in General, people in china are a little bit more lacking  manners, not all of em, but given the huge population base and education coverage, so ye, compare to the extremely polite people in japan. 
That's great, it's a shame there is no much audio shop around boston, i only know one at Harvard square, i would be glad to know if there were many. 
that's a nice shop man, japan best buy seems much better than here..... at least better the ones in NH. People works there really have strange pride lol  Ye, American gamer could be a little bit atonal lol. Many kids just don't behave, especially when they lose. 
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