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Rent CD? that sounds like a lot ripping going on, on a side note , the way people japan rely on their cell phone it's scary, it's their credit card, member ship card everything~  
hmmm what tube set you find the best with the W11R it's vocal it's just so good that i think it's a tad better than on LCD-2, probably due to its in ur head kinda sound. Although I don't really mind the smear lol 
Don't know much about c2.1 but the Matrix m-stage is one magical amp at that price. But get a dac man....
Hey have you used the W11R with a tube amp, any experience of tube rolling i can borrow? 
Don't think it's a competitive match. LCD-2 just simply one of the best and W5000 on the other hand is just one of Audio-technica experiment after L3000 and W11R lol. It's good hps but no match with LCD-2. Their particular recessed mids and the way they handle treble... uh... let's say it's unique. I am actually trying to find one used, since I've part my last one long long time ago. 
Ye my friend has a nice cat , and we once tried to put a paper hat on her, and she showed us what's the meaning of defending to death by ripping it apart.  
oh that's much better , I guess it's just the import tax lol , anyone know any source that sells the japanese CD in a more reasonable price? I really dig their female vocals, or pop songs as i can't understand them what so ever, cz I find many pop singers have great voice but their songs are just non-sense , it kinda bugs me lol 
Agreed, that's a bad idea, there is some bargain 2 in 1 devices, the Audio-GD fun or the other one from em said has great synergy with K701 , maybe the HDR? 
This is some nice post, saved, There should be more of this lol, although i'm pretty sure the newbies just gonna ask the same question over and over again lol 
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