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That's one magical portable player to be able to drive all these cans.     
really a lot high praise on HA-160D ever since it came out, it's really that good?even better than the beta 22?  Not to doubt people's credibility , but i heard HA-160D ad strategy which pays reviewer... I thought read it some where... maybe i'm just being a jerk lol Anyway though I read a review on absolute sound about a iDAC thing that runs under 1k which looks more like an ad.. 
you can dig around but i think M-stage would get the job done, don't really know about c2.1
I do find the W11R a lot less transparent than the LCD-2 : (  I really wonder about the magic of SS lol, it's time to find a Beta 22 or V200 for myself, and there goes my wallet lol 
Rent CD? that sounds like a lot ripping going on, on a side note , the way people japan rely on their cell phone it's scary, it's their credit card, member ship card everything~  
hmmm what tube set you find the best with the W11R it's vocal it's just so good that i think it's a tad better than on LCD-2, probably due to its in ur head kinda sound. Although I don't really mind the smear lol 
Don't know much about c2.1 but the Matrix m-stage is one magical amp at that price. But get a dac man....
Hey have you used the W11R with a tube amp, any experience of tube rolling i can borrow? 
Don't think it's a competitive match. LCD-2 just simply one of the best and W5000 on the other hand is just one of Audio-technica experiment after L3000 and W11R lol. It's good hps but no match with LCD-2. Their particular recessed mids and the way they handle treble... uh... let's say it's unique. I am actually trying to find one used, since I've part my last one long long time ago. 
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