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I guess most people would vote for lcd-2 There is group of people here really like the Ed8, and someone hated to guts, hard to see people here hold such extreme opposite opinion over them. If you wanna portable and more I guess Ed8 might not be a bad choice, you got a lot more flexibility with em. Although I'm not quite comfortable walking around with a 1k on my head.... 
ps1000 isn't that bad, just too much money for what it has to offer....might be good for some one only wanna rock XXXX out himself lol 
THe difference is minor, noticeable but minor, frankly by asking around here  won't do you any good. If you certain about grados, pick up used ones, rs2 if you wanna save the money, and when you can't help the curiosity of urs, than buy a used rs1 too and sell the you don't like, you won't loose much money this way. I just auditioned rs1 and sr325 again lol at my friends place this weekend. Frankly the Rs 1 to my ear is much better cans so frankly i believe it well worth...
there is a button on top called search : ), i think you can find em easily at for sale section
thanks for the helpful link lol 
i thought the title had made that clear. 
I know jack been working on a new DAC for a while , but what's up with this new amp? 
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