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CHeck out the Cambridge audio DAC magic
I think Cambridge DAC Magic might be ur thing, soundwisely, it's about the same comparing to pisco DAC or V-DAC if not better and come with full features. 
Like the title, I currently have the PWD in mind. it's a shame they don't have better USB implementation.  Any defects on the PWD sound wise and synergy with amp/preamp?    I'd also like to know if there are other options.   Would like keep the budget under 3k and has to have balanced out, HT bypass/preamp function would be a bonus.        Very best. 
Getting T1 this week lol, Gonna compare em to HD800 cz one of em is probably has to go lol 
sorry i never heard the x41 so, can't comment, Do you have an amp? if not, I guess the hd598 would meet you needs. It's a wonderful wonderful product for its price. 
hmmm interesting although where is that idea of top the k701/2 comes from? Although I really hope it dose lol Wonder if it's as amp demanding as the k701
There is ton of threads regarding this subject, I think there is a major thread called " xxxxx the headphone game" or something like that. 
That's something nice to know,  Is there even BA headphone on market?   
i'd love some store like this in U.S lol save a lot of time searching on head-fi lol Anyway, dose anyone live around boston area? I couldn't find many audio stores around here. 
if you new to this , neither of em is bad. Although I would say HD650 has much value, resale value and a lot more flexible on different type of musics than others.  There is a minority of people here really got a beef with K701, Seems like the mids on K701 it's somewhat flat and weired, but not too bad, in fact if you don't have much experience, i don't think it's easily to tell. Don't get me wrong K701 is a great product and like others, they all have their own issue....
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