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Androids have terrible battery life, i had the Droid2 from Verizon, it sux....    
Any change in sound wise? 
I don't these head phone come with mic ....
You need to post this at for sale/trade section. Better luck there
I don't think is there is such a thing, if any get iphone at least it support apple lossless lol. 
you might consider the features they have to offer, balanced? usb? preamp? etc etc. 
CHeck out the Cambridge audio DAC magic
I think Cambridge DAC Magic might be ur thing, soundwisely, it's about the same comparing to pisco DAC or V-DAC if not better and come with full features. 
Like the title, I currently have the PWD in mind. it's a shame they don't have better USB implementation.  Any defects on the PWD sound wise and synergy with amp/preamp?    I'd also like to know if there are other options.   Would like keep the budget under 3k and has to have balanced out, HT bypass/preamp function would be a bonus.        Very best. 
Getting T1 this week lol, Gonna compare em to HD800 cz one of em is probably has to go lol 
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