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Westinghouse? sounds like expensive tubes where you find em.     
what are the boxes in ur avatar? 
Agreed, sennheiser really put em self up front, the new version of 5xx series are fabulous, but it's probably not great for metal.  I wonder though when would they upgrade the former flagships lol, that would be very interesting to see.     
Well, to me, the biggest advantage of LCD-2 it's its amazing natural tonality, nor the T1 and HD800 can match with LCD-2 and a lot more emotional to my ear, these two factors are the top priority to me, so ...    I don't find the LCD-2's treble is roll off, but recessed a bit for sure which it's not a bad thing to me. And it's got a lot better with Rev.2 based on review lol, my rev.2 it's on its way lol 
No one? 
Hi, do you still have your T1? what tubes u use with it?     
What tubes do you guys use with T1 on WA22? I currently only have TS5998 and RCA 6AS7G with me, I assume it needs more gain? I'm going to run it on balanced so I wonder if that helps. 
Hmmmm it's just there were several used one pops up in for sale section, Anyone heard the blue dragon on LCD-2? Did WA post his cable review yet? I did a search in this thread, it dose not really help...
Do you guys prefer silver cable or copper cable on the REV.2? 
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