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Isn't that thing gonna cost like 400-500 bucks? That's a bit too much for me lol Good news it's that I found my old crappy laptop actually dose have optical out, hopefully it would work fine. 
I'll check the QB-9 out,Although I don't really need the bridge since I"ve got a dedicated computer sits right on top of my DAC lol How dose it stack up with the DAC you previously used? 
ibuds ? really?  To if you wanna closed unamped headphone I guess Ultrastone is ur best bet, since I haven't notice much hps in that area besides Ultrastone. 
well I think for headphone alone the audio technica ad2k is ur best bet, it runs all right without amp. Now if you are willing to spent 300-400 dollars I think the WA3 would be very nice to have and paired with Beyer T1 would be the best combo for ur reference needs.     
Ye for 28 dollars, i don't see too much to complain lol. EQ is ur best bet
$1500........ that's like a new mac book pro.... 
How's the WA22 against ur Leben? and is the tungsol 2399 same as 5988? 
Guys, I know many of you have the Wyred4sound DAC-2 nad love it , that includes me, but recently I've got some funds freed up, I was thinking of upgrading my rig, and I would like to start with the source, So any of you experienced DAC-2 and other dacs would prefer em over DAC-2? I was having the PWD in mind given its current price, The audio gd-7 dac seemes nice too.    Thanks 
**** it looks good. 
I would just camp over there.   
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