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It turns out Irene wasn't half the bad as I expected here in Boston, I even took the AC off the safety sake >.< 
That's what I was thinking lol 
So, ye, she is comming I wonder what should listen to/with when she finally got here!   Use ur illusion!
i'm the miserable one, so ... lol 
great, thanks for the input  although after reading all the reviews of bridges, i start wonder the improvement over digital interface + PWD over USB to W4S would really justify the costs....... Anything one can recommand other dacs? I'm getting my eyes on the QB9 or the Zodiac. It's just 1800 for a PWD it's just so tempting. 
you mean the HIface EVO? 
So no one had heard em both , bummer, I just wonder if the PWD worth the trouble lol 
Wanna get rid of a pair?   
The new sony Z1000 also worth looking.
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