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Well, the M50 as a closed headphone has rather punchy bass, and slightly light on mids
With All Due Respect, u got to do more digging, this kinda issue had been discussed a million times in this forum. But any way, if you wanna more bass, get 650, u wanna more neutral tone, get the hd600
Those are pain in the neck to drive well, i don't know if a portable amp would get the job done, especially you using a J3 with no line out if I recall it correctly. If you wanna really nice portable HPs, I think Son Z1000 would be a nice choice, other wise you might wanna save up a bit and get the Ed8 from Ultrastone.     
wait is S400 is the firewire thing? 
Any of them do well with USB? Cz my laptop dose not have firewire out i think.... Berkeley Alpha was pretty good but I have to get the digital interface >.<  
Who's Glenn btw? 
No that all i can tell you 
I find this place is starting to become ad ground  for ultrastone.... Even though I don't feel their stuff is that great. 
  I replaced em with BGs , got  help from a friend who's a post doc in EE, he manage to find some supplies through school and the used/broken equipment they got there.  Frankly as ignorant about EE or amp as I do, I've got no idea what he has done o.O. But I really trust his knowledge lol.    Although what other mod his done with his amp lol    Frankly I didn't notice any difference with mine, since I only had very little time with the stock one.... but I really didn't...
Did you guys ever come across with a idea that LCD-2 might be a little recessed in the mids? I went over to a friend's house cz the Irene and spent some time with his rig. We did have some fun and laughed at how I disappointed at the Irene cz I was kinda hopping no work for Monday lol. Anyway, on his SS amp, the LCD-2 seems has very very slightly recessed mids..... 
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