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Seasonic X of the sexiest PSU's ever made.
I have 3 weeks of annual leave from work this month, but after Thanksgiving I will be starting this routine for the 2nd time: Last time I did his 12 week trainer then his 4 week cutting routine/diet and saw insane results. Definitely worth looking at.
Make sure to check out all the graphics/texture mods for Skyrim/GTA/ME3.  You don't want to fail to impress your console playing friends with your vastly superior graphics.
Was it the first SR-009 listen for anyone that was there? Doesn't seem like it would have been, but I would like to hear their reaction if it was.
Pictures of.... Nevermind this is a discussion thread now :(
  Unfortunately Anand himself has become pretty pro-Apple so his personal Android and non-Apple tablet reviews are pretty personally biased.  If you are wanting Android reviews, hope that someone other than Anand writes it.
  Unmodded Crysis isn't worth running!  
 I had the same double take.
 I emailed my mom to have her check if I still have Aenima in a box at home. Haven't been there for a few years and there have been more than a few garage sales.If I have it still, I'll drop a PM with a great price. Still sealed as I never even owned a turntable.
What about Firefox mobile do you prefer over say, Dolphin HD and/or Chrome?   I have Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin HD, Opera and stock browsers installed and use all of them for a bit when they get updates, but Chrome is now my "go to." 
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