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I'll buy anyone's Schiit gear that bothers them due to different colors.  Of course I will be paying the discounted funky color price.
The value of the Tequila shelf alone > the value of my headphone setup    Add in the rum and whiskey shelves...   Got a couple sexy bottles of distilled cereal in there that I'd love to try!
  I haven't really played since it turned into a completely different game.   Someday I'll give it another shot but I liked the "old" ways.
  Lots of monitors have the ability to rotate to portrait mode with their default stand.  I'm not certain which particular monitors those are but it isn't an uncommon feature, nor do you usually have to buy an aftermarket stand to do so.   Based on the center 30" Dell being a 3007WFP or 3008WFP, the age would suggest the other 2 are probably Dell 2208WFP or similar.
Seasonic X of the sexiest PSU's ever made.
I have 3 weeks of annual leave from work this month, but after Thanksgiving I will be starting this routine for the 2nd time: Last time I did his 12 week trainer then his 4 week cutting routine/diet and saw insane results. Definitely worth looking at.
Make sure to check out all the graphics/texture mods for Skyrim/GTA/ME3.  You don't want to fail to impress your console playing friends with your vastly superior graphics.
Was it the first SR-009 listen for anyone that was there? Doesn't seem like it would have been, but I would like to hear their reaction if it was.
Pictures of.... Nevermind this is a discussion thread now :(
  Unfortunately Anand himself has become pretty pro-Apple so his personal Android and non-Apple tablet reviews are pretty personally biased.  If you are wanting Android reviews, hope that someone other than Anand writes it.
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