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  The reason for huge cases that provide lots of radiator space is the fact that you can achieve two factors that are mutually exclusive in smaller setups: 1) Extreme quiet 2) Very low water temperatures allowing for higher overclocks   Sure there is usually a fair bit of wasted volume, but when you are working inside a high end watercooled rig it is often nice to have all that extra room to work.  The CaseLabs cases are second to none in that category, Mountain Mods...
 I think when I get ahold of some proper cotton I'll have to glue mine shut so I stop modding and start using them more too!
 Listen to a real Australian band!Parkway Drive
  Squats will literally help everything.  For cycling I would suggest low weight and high reps.  Just keep your core tight (flex), your back straight and stick your butt out!   Do regular squats, then front squats and finish with hack squats.
 Who buys a Nexus 4 to use it with the stock ROM? ;)
  Nice!  It is a funny feeling actually WANTING to get in and shave isn't it?  I only shave every 2nd or 3rd day but love doing so.  Even if I had a job that I had to be shaved every day, with the closeness from using a real razor I could easily get away with shaving only on Mon/Wed/Fri and looking fresh every day.      
I'll buy anyone's Schiit gear that bothers them due to different colors.  Of course I will be paying the discounted funky color price.
The value of the Tequila shelf alone > the value of my headphone setup    Add in the rum and whiskey shelves...   Got a couple sexy bottles of distilled cereal in there that I'd love to try!
  I haven't really played since it turned into a completely different game.   Someday I'll give it another shot but I liked the "old" ways.
  Lots of monitors have the ability to rotate to portrait mode with their default stand.  I'm not certain which particular monitors those are but it isn't an uncommon feature, nor do you usually have to buy an aftermarket stand to do so.   Based on the center 30" Dell being a 3007WFP or 3008WFP, the age would suggest the other 2 are probably Dell 2208WFP or similar.
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