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I hope people realize that this was a thread from 2003 bumped after several years a few pages back... Troll threads probably wouldn't stick around long these days.
  My sister (big dress maker/costume maker) is already working on my Papa Emeritus costume for next year Halloween.  Ghost is badass.  Too bad I don't have 5 metal fan friends that would be Nameless Ghouls for me :p   The few interviews they have are funny, curious who the guys behind instruments actually are but I sort of like not knowing.
 Rosewood or bamboo clogs?
 How was Goatwhore live? I enjoy their last 2 albums quite a bit.I missed Lamb of God/In Flames/Sylosis when they were here, but some coworkers went. Sucks missing shows in Minnesota since there aren't many metal shows around here to begin with :(
Based on those, may I suggest:   Parkway Drive - Atlas God Forbid - Equilibrium Sylosis - Monolith Be'lakor - Of Breath and Bone Goatwhoe - Blood for the Master     I would have some more but Between the Buried and Me is having a hard time leaving my Foobar.
 Welcome to Head-Fi!Sorry for you wal...aww **** it.
 Digital of course is an option or your partner could rip it for you and invest in a $1-2 flash drive too.International shipping via USPS for a CD is extremely easy and cheap, don't be scared to share with the world you lazy CONUSers! :p
    I had to Google that.
I should mention that my personal rig in a Mountain Mods Pinnacle 24 was originally "blacked out" completely. All black everything inside, tubing/pump mods/sleeving etc. I covered all the LEDs with tape and ended up having to take some tape off and light up the reservoir because my wife would always try to turn it on when it was already on because it was so quiet.  She had a penchant for hitting the reset switch since it is identical to the power switch and would mess up...
  The reason for huge cases that provide lots of radiator space is the fact that you can achieve two factors that are mutually exclusive in smaller setups: 1) Extreme quiet 2) Very low water temperatures allowing for higher overclocks   Sure there is usually a fair bit of wasted volume, but when you are working inside a high end watercooled rig it is often nice to have all that extra room to work.  The CaseLabs cases are second to none in that category, Mountain Mods...
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