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  Pinnacle is a nice looking case, but it is a bit annoying to build in if you are using multiple watercooled video cards.   I sold my black 24 awhile back. For the record the anodized MNPCTech aluminum stuff (grills, buttons, etc) all match the MM anodizing PERFECTLY.
  For the record, a screen + digitizer is easy to repair and costs about $9-12 for the parts and tools if you do it yourself.   Check iFixit before you pay ANYONE to repair ANYTHING electronic.  
Any recent word on where some of the "real" Rite Aide cotton can be had? No stores around here, I'd love to buy enough for 1 pair of headphones from someone.
  Too busy playing GTA III with a PS3 controller on the Nexus 7 to try Super Hexagon :P
  Outdoor lighting is the best on cloudy days for shots of stuff like computers.     Murdermod TJ07's or any cases that Charles touches deserve good photos ;)
  It is average or slightly below average for a normal 990X.
  Yep, same or colder tomorrow too and yesterday was brutal.   Probably should go drive my car a bit to keep it alive...walking to work has it's downfalls.
  They definitely help.   I, like you, don't drink soda and only rarely do I drink coffee lately, so the NO products work for me.   I did just get a container of Assault that didn't work for me really, but Body Fortress (cheap Walmart/Target brand Protein/supplements) makes a NO Xplode copycat now that I might try.   Starting Kris Gethin 12 week program in 3-4 days :D
  My Nexus is waiting at home for me, came yesterday. Will you let me know how the touch screen controls work with most Humble Bundle games?  I'll be flashing ROMs too much for a couple months to try Ubuntu I'm sure.
  If you read their interviews and, at least to me, listen to the delivery I think they are more satirical and intend to provoke thought/feelings than anything. Not that I care, I wear my Ghost shirt for the same reason.  People see the upside down cross and the Clockwork Orange cover and get worked up. Being an atheist confuses them even more since I don't worship a deity "above" or "below" the ground ;)  Though many religious folks seem to think atheists are Satanists...
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