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I just want to thank BMF for going way above and beyond on this whole thread!  He also helped me out via PM and sourced me some things I couldn't acquire anywhere else.     I am currently enjoying my first "test" set of songs on my new Schiit Magni/Modi combo and what I think is my finalized "done right" T50RP's.  Amazing!
Sold and deal completed.  Thanks for the space.
Bump for big price drop, need money in PayPal in the next couple days to cover my eBay fees that are getting auto deducted.
    I'll let it pass this once, but next time you want a picture of my wife on your desktop you better ask!
  I like it, but I have a Magni/Modi combo on the way.  Just want to try something new and from what I've read the Schiit will pair better.   I don't have a lot to compare to though.
  Being the only real source (aside from NuForce uDac) I've would be better served reading reviews online for a quality opinion.   I will say I love the combo with HE-300's.
I've tried everything from the only store within 30 miles...Dollar General.   I'll eventually be in a civilized area at some point and remember to try something else from a Walgreen's or CVS.
Can't find that stuff either, except in 1lb rolls for more than I'm willing to pay shipped :(
Sorry to post it again, but does anyone know of a source for the proper cotton?  I've tried everything in the stores in my area and none seem to really do it.
Open to offers of cash, trade or whatnot!
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