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  Cyanogen is often the "base" for these custom builds, but I've never had good battery life with any straight Cyanogen ROMs.  I prefer AOKP in that regard, same or more customization options and seems to play nicely with any kernel I feel like trying.   Currently running AOKP 4.2.2 with AK Pirates 687 Kernel.  I run at 1350MHz on stock volts and down to 180MHz idle with 780mV.  Phone lasts a very long time, I toggle LTE off when I'm not using it.  The LTE toggle is right...
  Ditch TouchWiz immediately and load up CleanROM, AOKP (my suggestion) or another popular one and profit.
  Get it from a place that hones it and sells it "shave ready" and stropping is the only thing you have to do. Used mine for 3 years as my every day shaver and now maybe 2 times per week and it still is happy from just a stropping.   If you need it honed, I think guys on B&B do it for $8-15.
  I went from Gem SE to Dovo Full Hollow straight to Gillette Superspeed DE (current) and will say that you'll probably be back to DE or straight after awhile.  Blades are much more costly and to me, they are all inferior to mid-range DE blades.  At least the ones I tried were.   If my beard gets long I always use straight blade, or if I shower in the evening, usually I shower in the morning after fasted cardio so I stick with DE for speed.
  Federal "correctional officer" as we prefer to be called.   Maybe Border Patrol soon since that just got posted...
I should start selling custom knives like the ones we find at work:      
I just want to thank BMF for going way above and beyond on this whole thread!  He also helped me out via PM and sourced me some things I couldn't acquire anywhere else.     I am currently enjoying my first "test" set of songs on my new Schiit Magni/Modi combo and what I think is my finalized "done right" T50RP's.  Amazing!
Sold and deal completed.  Thanks for the space.
Bump for big price drop, need money in PayPal in the next couple days to cover my eBay fees that are getting auto deducted.
    I'll let it pass this once, but next time you want a picture of my wife on your desktop you better ask!
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