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Ha me too!  I'm a lurker of Candlepower but never even knew this whole section existed here.   I carry an EagleTac T20C2 MKII on my duty belt and a Quark Mini AA when I wear a thigh holster, otherwise I just toss it in my pocket as a backup.  Both have served me well.
  At least find some music with a talented drummer!    
I'm new to the audiophile crowd but I've had plenty of hobbies and addictions in the past and I will say one thing that is awesome about headphone audiophilia is just what people are complaining about.  You don't have to spend huge money to get near the pinnacle of what can be done technologically.  Most hobbies aren't like that at all.   We could all talk to the manufacturers and have them raise the prices on all their mid-range models to make us feel better I guess
I'll trade you some high end beers for your high end audio setup.  Then we can online chat back and forth comparing which is most satisfying :D  
I'm a noob but even my SR60i sound overall "better" to me than the Monster Turbine Pro Gold IEMs to me.  There is a glaring price difference and the Turbine's are pretty well respected around here for their value from what I've seen.
How did you make the enclosure for them?  Or is that a pre-built part?  They look amazing.
Yeah, Chris will do it for a reasonable fee and if he can talk you into doing it yourself with one of his cables he will do so and help with anything you could possibly need along the way.  
...and new wood cups look better than any of the plastic ones! ;)
If you send him a PM on here he probably has a lot more options than just cocobolo and bloodwood.  When I had mine made he had 8 or 9 types of wood available, mine are Bolivian Rosewood as I really like the contrast in the grain coloring.  
Take the e-stalking to PMs!  :p   First cup I seperated I heated for a minute or so with a hairdryer and it was really warm and opened right up.  Second one I heated for literally 10-15 seconds tops and a gentle twist broke the soft glue and they pulled apart no problem.  Maybe they use different glue in some of them but mine came apart extremely easy.    
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