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Not sure, I haven't been into headphones for much longer than that.
Looking for a budget DAC/Amp to pair with woodied Grados and Hifiman HE-300.     I currently have a Nufurce uDac 2 but would like to try something else, would like a tube amp but not required.  If you have anything in the EF2A price range let me know!   I'm pretty new so I'm not sure if using the uDac simply as a DAC and routing the output to a dedicated amp makes sense, if so let me know what you have and how much you want.   Shipping would be to 55072,...
Very nice.  I was deciding between these exact 4 pairs of cans and the HE-300's.   If you had to choose 1 pair for metal music which would it be?  I don't have or probably never will have the quality of amping that you do though.
  Unfortunately I didn't take any before/after or in progress pictures with this like I do with my usual mods.   Not much to it, I just used a Dremel (of course, it IS a mod :p) and cut everything out from the inside and just left little plastic posts to hold the motherboard up and allow space for the SSD underneath.  Real easy mod, I've done several and sold them after all my PC mods (at the time) were featured in a newspaper article.  I've since moved from that area...
  Ha nice.  Maybe I'll make a 200' cable and wear my cans to work (I walk to work) :p   What's on the inside?  I've got a silver cable right now but it's real stiff and annoying to some extent.
Looks good!   Is that a beer on your desk?  I rarely spy a brew that I can't recognize (I try every beer I can buy/trade for and keep bottles covering the walls of my office :p) and I'm not sure what it is.  Label style looks like Odell but I don't think I've missed any offerings.   @JamesMcProgger:  What kind of cable/sleeving is that?  I'd like to buy some bulk cable that is nice and supple and I like the look of the sleeving after the y-split.  Looks like soft...
Posted pics of my main rig, but this is one of my other computers that I use to stream movies/TV shows from my file server as well as light web browsing.  Klipsch ProMedia 2.1's featured as my movie watching sound on the couch.   Original NES (manufactured date is the same month/year as I was born) with slightly more powerful innards.  AMD-E350 APU overclocked a bit on the Gigabyte board with 4GB of low voltage/low profile RAM.  OCZ 30GB Vertex SSD (brings this...
Sending PM.
Intriguing.  I listen to my woodies with flat EQ, but I'll dabble with your settings in a bit and see what I think.
Tool - Forty-six & 2 (sometimes just the opening bass sequence)   then usually Meshuggah - Bleed or Lethargica   then a random Nirvana or Alice in Chains unplugged vinyl rip     Gives me a quick idea what I'll like to listen to through them the most.
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