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  I've seen way too many people with a LOT of holes/slashes/cuts in them that are still fighting strongly to expect a knife to be an effective self defense tool in a serious situation.
  He owns a MacBook, so he already wasted some money for a light up Apple logo 
Nexus 4 is the only phone to get right now in my opinion. Soon it will be the HTC One (with a custom ROM to ditch Sense immediately) or an S4 with a custom ROM as well.     Buying an Android phone based on what the carrier or phone maker does to the AOSP experience is about the dumbest thing you can do.  
    There are some inexpensive coolers with pushpins that work pretty well for stock speed or mild OC:     Such as
  Competes very well with high end air for twice the price ;)     I come from the "good old days" of watercooling, which is not very long ago.  We used to use pond pumps and Bonneville heater cores and you used to NEED water to reach a good 24/7 stable overclock.     Biggest thing that gets me is when I used to sell a lot of "custom watercooled rigs" on CraigsList and then those AIO's started being popular and people that didn't know what they were actually getting (90%)...
  Mmmm water.   Please don't use a Corsair H50 and tell me your computer is "water cooled" though ;)
  Based on the title, I'd imagine drawing up some PCBs.
    I do.   Ditching Verizon soon (hoping to get out of my contract with no fee) and getting a Nexus 4 with T-Mobile no contract $30/mo "unlimited" plan.
Nice! Even using some vintage razor has some sort of "sentimental" feel so it would be real cool to have your own grandfather's old razor.
  Have faith!  Nobody is free from a potentially perfect shave ;)   For me, I shave my neck from the bottom up for the bottom 3rd or so, then from the top down for the rest.  Seems to keep me from using too extreme of an angle with the blade.
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