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Abs have almost nothing to do with working out, it's all diet and body fat composition.
Thanks guys, I'll keep playing with it when I get some time.  We only have an Ace Hardware here and a dollar store, but I will grab a few things and see what sounds good, I just wanted to confirm that the damping had an effect on the mids :) 
The GEM I shave with currently was from a travel kit, but the kit was pretty destroyed when I found it at an antique store.  The razor itself was in remarkable condition, I think the box was stored somewhere quite damp, but no rust anywhere on the razor.   If I get a job that allows more than my all too short weekends, I'll need to look around for a vintage kit.   I'll gladly buy as many as they'll sell me of those kits for $12 though
Just finished my first round of modding.  Damn what a difference!   I'm quite surprised at the upper range detail that was missing before, I am a Grado/Hifiman HE-300 owner so that was something I was prepared to miss, but I don't at all so far.     One thing, I didn't have any cotton available but wanted to hear them.  I used a small amount of "fluff" from one of my dog's toys but it doesn't seem to appear as dense as the Rite Aide but I didn't use much...
Being pretty up to date in the PC tech industry (used to write hardware reviews, current job doesn't leave time for that but I still keep up) there are two views on Windows 8 from people I know:   1) They hate it, but have never used it, or only for a few minutes 2) They like the improvements it brings, and have used it extensively   ;)
Those are 40's :p
    Still sexy, this one I got probably 5 or 6 years ago on CraigsList for $500, at the time they were $1400- 1700 and no used ones about.  I thought it was a scam but emailed anyway, dude was literally moving that day across country and had no room in his last car trip lol.  I was going to flip it for some easy cash, until I hooked it up.   Once you go 2560 x 1600, you never go back.  Very easy to make my console gamer friends cry a little inside when I explain...
I prefer dumbbells whenever possible, but the gym (free employees only gym) I work out at now has only 70lb dumbbells so for presses, they are not sufficient.  Supposedly we are getting a set through 100lb but that still doesn't really cut it unfortunately.   Hoping I get a new job soon in a bigger city so I can join a "real" gym again.     I think my favorite lift of all time is one arm dumbbell press though, keep your legs close together and your free arm...
    Though you haven't used the Mjolnir with both (I assume) yet, if you had to keep one...HD800's or HE-6?
  That is a 30" Dell 3007WFP-HC.  Not sure which side monitors they are.   Here is my 30" next to a 23" cheap/crappy 1080p (I just use it for monitoring temps and Foobar pretty much)    
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