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  For what it is worth, NOXplode and most other pre-workout nitric oxide boosters contain no sugar and are also available caffeine free.   Once you are in pretty good shape and start plateauing, an NO booster pre-workout really does take your workouts to another level.  Don't use it every day, just when you need a boost or want an extra good chest day etc.  Cycling just lets your tolerance go back down so the products remain effective, same as anything else.  But if you...
  Temps on 3770K are almost irrelevent as a comparison due to the shoddy TIM Intel used between the die and IHS.  Two chips on the same cooling might be 30C different under load.     Easy enough to cut the IHS off with a razor though ;)
Beautiful!  I'll go ahead and PM you my address.
  No fiberglass yet, I enjoy how it sounds with the cotton right now so I might just stick with it.   Stiff felt with transpore square on the back of the driver, 2 densities of Silverstone acoustic foam in the cups with lazy man's "pyramids" in the wells, none in the middle raised up part.  Plasticine filled and dynamat extreme on the outside around the driver.  Electrical tape over 3/4 of the bass vent, stock bass port hole, none extra drilled.   I think I might drill...
  I love that Schiit.   You'd think I would get bored of saying that.  I don't.
Got them put back together with some Family Dollar cotton, sounds better than before.  Bass is definitely tighter and the mids don't hide from me so much :)   Now I just need a better source!
Were the old speakers M-Audio?  If so, what are the new ones and how do they compare?  I recognize them, just don't know what they are exactly.
Your white dog must not shed much...   If I bought a black couch it would be white in a week from my White German Shepherd
The cable biz must be treating you well   Too bad you couldn't invest in a better phone to go with all that stuff
  Yeah, I used to be somewhat guilty of such before I started learning about real fitness (mid high school or so).   You'd be better off doing only squats and deadlifts than doing bench press, curls and abs ;)   If you notice my workout above doesn't even have flat bench in it.
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