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It is a generational refresh and the increased CPU and GPU performance is nothing short of impressive for just a "refresh."   The display, the SoC and the Wifi chip alone in one device for $229 is "amazing" to me.   Not to mention the much faster storage and RAM performance and the addition of TRIM to the eMMC to maintain storage speeds when you start filling it up.
  If it is a PWM header you can make your own noise profile in the BIOS based on the temp of the CPU, what motherboard do you have?   I can help you set it up if you aren't familiar with that.
  Why not just run the fans off a PWM header on the mobo?
The cases haven't been out all that long.  Just dirty/dusty which is usually enhanced nicely by flash.   (Not my case, just commenting)
  Yeah I agree, same thing with computers.   I flash ROMs enough to not notice, but I do highly recommend the "stable" AOKP release.
    My wife has my old GNex now and running AOKP Milestone 1 (newer Nightly builds should be just fine) with Franco Kernel (probably Milestone 2) and it is silky smooth.  OCed and undervolted at all speed phases no problems.
  I thought I must have missed something too.   LG Optimus G2 or Nexus 5 maybe, but they don't have all that much over the One/S4.  Same display but Snapdragon 600 at best, definitely considered same generation in my opinion.
  I remember when they first announced it, I saw the prototypes at CES (2009 I believe) and they were planning on charging $1500 or something stupid.  The actual released model is much cheaper feeling, the prototypes were built like tanks.  Cool case nonetheless! 
  My 8 year old MCP-655 (rebranded as a bunch of other things, Laing D5, etc) lulls me to sleep every night ;)
Nexus 4 running latest PACMan ROM nightly with Franco.kernel.   Love the display color choices/calibration in Franco's kernel.
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