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  Yeah I agree, same thing with computers.   I flash ROMs enough to not notice, but I do highly recommend the "stable" AOKP release.
    My wife has my old GNex now and running AOKP Milestone 1 (newer Nightly builds should be just fine) with Franco Kernel (probably Milestone 2) and it is silky smooth.  OCed and undervolted at all speed phases no problems.
  I thought I must have missed something too.   LG Optimus G2 or Nexus 5 maybe, but they don't have all that much over the One/S4.  Same display but Snapdragon 600 at best, definitely considered same generation in my opinion.
  I remember when they first announced it, I saw the prototypes at CES (2009 I believe) and they were planning on charging $1500 or something stupid.  The actual released model is much cheaper feeling, the prototypes were built like tanks.  Cool case nonetheless! 
  My 8 year old MCP-655 (rebranded as a bunch of other things, Laing D5, etc) lulls me to sleep every night ;)
Nexus 4 running latest PACMan ROM nightly with Franco.kernel.   Love the display color choices/calibration in Franco's kernel.
Finally got my Nexus 4 setup how I want with PACman 22 ROM on T-Mo's $30 "unlimited" plan.  I paid $23 for $30 refill cards on eBay.   Hard to beat $23/mo for fast data and no contract.   That way I can grab the "Nexus 5" or whatever they call it, when it comes out and flip my old Nexus 4 for $200+ on eBay :p
I ran out of my Proroso Green and while I waited for a near-lifetime supply to come in from eBay I grabbed some of this:   Actually pretty impressed.  SUPER smooth and fast shave, if it's less than 24 hours since I last shaved it is hard to see where I have shaved and have not since it doesn't foam up at all, but...
    Pretty cool!  Do you own one?  
  I know... Just saying that I've seen guys with 60+ stab wounds walk away from an equally bloody but unconscious attacker.  Spend $150 on a self defense course before you spend $150 on a knife if you are serious about protecting yourself is all I'm saying.
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