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WTB Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 in good condition. PM with offer.
Thank you for the leads all, gives me a place to start looking just knowing that they exist 
Any ideas?
Forgive me for not keeping up with audiophile stuff for the last few years, it was never a big hobby of mine and been a crazy few years of life.   I recently got a new job that requires a LOT of travel.  I currently tote my BMF style T50RP's around with my Schitt Magni/Modi but will soon be doing shorter trips and want something I can use portable too.   My issue is that I may or may not have to be aware of my surroundings in public locations but still retain...
Looks good!  How do you like the keypad, and what types of games do you use it with?   I thought about getting one when EQ Next comes out, depending what kind of button mapping I need for it.
You'll adapt very fast to carrying a gun that slim IWB.  Unless you are overweight, then people seem to ditch IWB pretty fast due to comfort.
  I haven't tried it yet, but Cyanogen and battery life aren't usually a common pair.  Tons of variables to consider of course, other than just the ROM.   I'm still going back to Pacman ROM after trying stuff on the N4, Franco Kernel for me since I love the updater and app.
  Mice and peripherals seem to be even more fanboy filled than graphics cards or CPUs.   Some strictly buy one company, others strictly avoid one company, etc.   I used to write reviews (roundups) and will gladly use whatever company has the best option out at the time.
  No problem, shoot me a PM if you need any assistance putting together your first real loop.  I keep up to date on the stuff coming out and have probably done 200-250 loops so I can help steer you clear from any issues ;)
    Rampage III Formula will be able to adjust voltages on the fan headers from 4.4v to 12.1v so if you can't make the BIOS Q-Fan work you could try Asus' program called TurboV Evo and use the Fan Xpert tab within the program.   Not saying you can't get a new cooler (I for one, hate the "all in one" "water" coolers) but just trying to help you avoid spending cash if you don't have to :)
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