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Just apply the electric tape or sock mod on the pads and you will hear what a little less permeability of the pad material will do. It will significantly increase the lower frequencies.
In my experience the excess of bass is a direct result of the pads. If you use leather, velour or other non-permeable material different from the Grado foam, you have to deal with that sort of bass. It is no coincidence that Grado uses foam to achieve some sort of balance.
These pads sure are nice and - in case you use fine leather - classy looking , aren't they? They remind me of the pads on the Orpheus.
 A true stealth Senn! Yeah, I think the leather adds some class to the HD580/6XX series.
If you are in need of a new headband pad and if you are ready for some moderate DIY, you could possibly be interested in this.   --> Link
Hey, I am a firm believer in sharing. I am always happy myself, when other people inspire and help me without trying to make money.   -- So, anybody interested in a "How to"? -- Yes?   -- Here you go!
Sennheiser Pad Mod   What you need thin, hard plastic sheet (I used a table mat) some soft foam thin lambskin or any covering material you prefer some (leather) glue     My pad is made of very thin and high-quality lambskin.       Now here we go: After you have unmounted one of the cups, you can remove the old pad. Mine was completely ruined, so I had to get rid of it. Cut a strip of very thin plastic (24x180mm), on which you will have to glue the...
Headband Orpheus style. Very soft and thin, yet punk looking lambskin.  
 I did not sand the grilles, just applied some layers of black spray paint and finalized the whole thing with some layers of transparent lacquer.The lambskin headband is DIY, used some soft foam and a really thin and high-quality lambskin.
They sound warmer with the HM5 pads. Need to do more testing to find a damping scheme that gets rid of the mid-bass hump. Leatherized L-cushs are still the best pad option.   EDIT: Just tried HifiMan velours on these. Very nice improvement over the HM5 pads. They need to be vented with the velours, though. Massive soundstage!
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