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Selling a mint Vali 2 (220v), bought on 20/03/2017 from Schiit Europe. Upgrade tubes: Electro Harmonics 6922EH Gold: €20.- Electro Harmonics 6CG7EH: € 15.-     Shipping in EU: € 15.- (with tracking and insurance) Paypal gift or fees on buyer.
FYI, some measurements of buds I own. Measured on my DIY measurement rig, most probably not comparable to measurements on other systems. I am providing this to give you some visual information on differences of the buds on this very measurement system.   All measurements taken with Cygnus donut foams for better comparison.   Cygnus (blue) - Ting (yellow) - RX-1 (red):   Cygnus (blue) - Ting (yellow) :   Cygnus (blue) - RX-1 (red):
Selling my Schiit Valhalla 2. The amp is in immaculate condition. Bought about a month ago from Schiit Europe. Comes with stock tubes and socket savers. Asking for €299 plus PP and shipping.
Selling my 3m WyWires Red Series balanced cable. Asking for $200 plus PP and shipping.
Since I sold my Seenheiser HD6X0 heaphones, I am selling the following custom-made cables for SE and balanced use with the beforementioned headphones: 1) Sennheiser plugs to 3-pin Mini XLR connectors. The longer cables can then switched easily using these adapters connected  to the headphones. 2) 2m 4-pin XLR terminated cable + 4-pin XLR to 1/8 TRRS connector for balanced use, for example with GO V2. 3) 2m 1/8 TRS terminated cable + 1/4 adapter for SE use. I am asking...
I am selling my HD650 in good condition. This is the silver driver version and has new pads and a new headpad installed. There are some minor nicks that are marked in the pictures. Comes with stock cable and box. Included are the following custom-made cables for balanced use: 2m 4-Pin XLR terminated, pigtail adapter 4-pin XLR-male to 1/8 TRRS, which I used with my GO V2 balanced output. I am asking for €230, shipping would be on the buyer.
I would be interested in an HD 800 in good condition, shipped from within the EU.
 Here you go, V6 driver in Gradoesque cup, no pad! 
There is one thing I would definitely change about the V6 drivers and that is the lack of a protective mesh over the front of the driver. Even if you are careful, dust eventually settles inside the driver and in combination with the stuff Rhydon uses to "coat" the diaphragm with, these particles stick to the diaphragm and are impossible to remove without damaging the diaphragm.
The Tascam headband (taken from a set of TASCAM TH Series TH-MX2 in my case) cannot be used on standard Grado-sized cups, which (at least my 325i metal cups) have an outer diameter of about 55mm. So the Tascam gimbals will be a little too large to fit. I made custom cups with an outer diameter of 60mm, so that I could use them. In addition, the pleather on these Tascam headbands is not really good quality. So I replaced the pleather with some nice Italian lambskin leather.
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