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even class A amps waste more than 70% of the power just to keep them properly biased and in class A opertation. What matters is the actual power delivered to the headphone which is given by     E X I cos(x) where cos(x) is the power factor which makes life bad for EE guys.   Long live tubes (with better,faster MOSFET's coming up i dont think they will) Rohan
---> http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/headphone-impedance
--> http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/headphone-impedance
---> http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/headphone-impedance  
exactly, the drivers as from my past experiments do not change in characteristics. None, of the electrical properties apart from weakening of the magnetic field strength (which takes a LOT of time to be significant) everything remains same. Especially when modern drivers are sealed  with corrosion resistant coils there is probably no electrical property (in my knowledge) which actually changes with time.    The pads on the other hands do...
please note:   I stated it in terms of speed of electrons, it is not! speed of electrons in a conductor is constant, rather the potential that they are accelerated under changes
the increased weight explains the base response changing too you know
it can be the dried out ear pads recovering
Fact is, ask any cable manufacturer to test his product with an O'scope and plot charts within the 20-20k range, you will be surprised.   I believe there should be standards in audio equipment. Manufacturers should have their equipment tested and rated accordingly using measurable characteristics. Although it is true that a good looking cable will cause some mental effect, it does in any other product be it laptops, PMP's etc.. But a cable should be shipped with a...
--> http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/hi-end-cables
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