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I noticed more and more Artists Albums are greyed out in the US, Tidal says its not allowed to be streamed.  I doubt it will be fixed in the near term, until they pay the Artists for the rights.  Every night is the same for me no HiFi due to Tidal experiencing band with problems.  Time to cancel for a while to see what happens in time.  I will stick to my library 124 Gig of ripped CD's and Sirius in the car.
I finished a 14 day trial not one time did it buffer on my phone and computer, I thought cool I will let them charge my card.  That was yesterday, today I get "We are experiencing HiFi playback problem. This may be caused by low bandwidth. You could try to switch streaming quality in settings"  I just figured I was on some good servers while the rest of you suffered.
I'll take them check your PM
PM sent
Thanks for the replies, I can't find a dealer in the US so I will probably order one from the site after the holidays.  I received my DX90 today I'm pretty impressed.
Sorry a little off topic, where can I buy one only from Ibasso? and is the PB-3 just around the corner?  PB2 
Thank you OP
I'm waiting on a good deal to get a set of subs
This is my setup Lyr - Audio GD NFB2 - Senn 650          Dell XPS  optical to my Onkyo to Energy and Polk speakers       
I noticed when I looked on iTunes for a big batch of cover art it would do a quick search and do a poor job. If I sorted by artist then right clicked to search for artwork iTunes would find it. You can work on it over time. I have over 5000 albums now.
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