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I'm waiting on a good deal to get a set of subs
This is my setup Lyr - Audio GD NFB2 - Senn 650          Dell XPS  optical to my Onkyo to Energy and Polk speakers       
I noticed when I looked on iTunes for a big batch of cover art it would do a quick search and do a poor job. If I sorted by artist then right clicked to search for artwork iTunes would find it. You can work on it over time. I have over 5000 albums now.
I have a few energy speakers they sound pretty good. Vanns has them on promo sale all the time.
Thanks I get it now.I picked my unit Up on the for sale forum here shipped and received in 5 days.
Just got my NFB-2 today hooked it up to the Lyr and the MacBook pro with the optic link out to my 650's. I think I'm set for a while Can some one dumb down what ACSS really is compared to RCA? Thanks
Yeah I don't think my are fakes. I just posted pics for people who want to order from JR's. They are an autherzed seller and the cost is $249.00 shipped.
Well I received my amp and should have my DAC tomorrow, so far with my 650's I'm pretty happy. And after reading a billion posts on this thread I thought maybe we should list all the different tubes with the different attributes and then vote on them. Maybe if I get more time on my hands.....
Is there a good thread to read on what tube are compatible with not just this amp but in general. Explaining all the tube numbers swimming in my head. Thanks
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