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Most (music websites) prefer to have multiple flacs with cue and rip log. I think that's an excellent choice. I'm also annoyed by large single file albums. And you wanna keep your cue sheet since it doesn't take up that much space.
I do not own 650, but I do own D2000 and PortaPro. So I can compare those two. Actually there's no comparison, D2000 does everything better as expected from a can that sells for $200 more. First, Bass goes much deeper on D2000, and so it makes D2000 bass much more realistic. Portapro has a bit of a mid-bass boost, so it can give an impression of more impact, but it also makes the rest of the music super muddy. I can almost guarantee you will not want anymore bass than...
It remains to be seen what the final US retail pricing is. If they can do 300-400 range it may be a very good deal. For a big computer company like ASUS its a huge gamble to put out a niche Audiophile product like this. Let's face it, average mainstream consumer will not be lining up in Best Buy to get this thing and it remains to be seen if hardcore audiophiles will be swayed by something that has an "ASUS" label on it. So they are really targeting Audiophiles that want...
Just read the review. Thanks for that and I'm also looking forward to your English review.    So in a nut shell, (correct me if I'm wrong) your opinion is that its noticeably better than STX, but seems to lack detail at higher frequencies? Also sound gets distorted at very high volumes with HD800 and LCD-2? Any other major issues?   And In your opinion, for someone who owns STX...is it worthwhile to upgrade to Essence One?
Also first time poster here.. :)   I would be very interested in hearing your (or anyone's) impressions of HD800+Essence vs HD800+stand-alone amp if you do get it.   I may be getting LCD-2 and I'm going to pair it with my Essence ST ... but now I'm wondering if I'm going to get any substantial increase in SQ with something like Lyr.
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