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I find these things have an interesting fit, almost like 3 different kinds of earphones. The tips are inserted like any IEM, but the housings fit me as if I were wearing an earbud (and they hold fine wearing them like that). I find the fit with the earguides very comfortable and secure (I have the old, smaller earguides that shipped with the last GR07 version).
Oddly enough, I always lined up the lines correctly on my S4, but not for this reason—more because I noticed the lines and my OCD tendencies kicked in >_>
This. Also, you just might be asking this in the wrong forum.
Just got mine today. Which is really surprising, considering they shipped this past Saturday—I got them 8 days after I placed my order/3 business days after they were shipped
I figure. No big deal, as I read there's no change in the IEM.
Thanks for the link, although searching for "gr07 new version" (which I did by the way) doesn't bring me to that post, or the one quoted (or any sort of useful info. That's why I posted asking, because I placed an order on the 13th when the old page was still up, and I've just been notified on eBay of the new listing yesterday.
I just noticed there is a new version of these phones listed on the lendmeurears eBay page, does anyone have info on them?
Wow. I'd ask you to quote me where I recommended anything, but that would just draw out this off-topic discussion even more. I don't need an absolute reference point (ie. first hand experience) to make relative comparisons. If someone wanted to buy a car, I may not know if a Koenigsegg CCXR is fast enough for a person's taste, but even without ever driving it, I can tell them it'll be faster than a Honda Civic. What good does "I like the bass of X" do if the OP (who's...
"you'll probably find the W2's a drastic change"—well, duh. The W2's are somewhat neutral balanced armature phones, and the Monsters are touted as fun-sounding dynamics. There's pretty much a guarantee that that will be the most drastic change out of the phones he listed. As for the rest of your post, I never said the W3's were bass heavy or that he'd like the bass. I only stated (which a lot of reviews and comparisons agree with) that the Shures have softer bass than the...
Tangle? Not any more than other phones I've owned, as far as I can tell. Do they stay in? I had no problems with fit, but you should be wary of these if you have small ear canals. I wouldn't be able to answer that question in respect to you.
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