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That doesn't sound like much fun at all, and he asked to make both tasks enjoyable. And quite frankly, what fun is anything without good music? Let alone a desk job. As it has been stated before, the Ether is basically a chameleon for whatever DAC/amp combo you are on. While I did not hear the Ether in a "quiet" environment, the show floor was quite slow when I listened. Ambient noise 40-50 dB qualitatively. With the Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson, yes. Plenty smooth and...
No, no price yet. And yes and no. I mean, all in ears can be worn over the ear, but judging by the fact that Val was asking about ear fins, they would probably be designed to be worn straight down. And I wouldn't use these on stage. Given that Val has talked mostly about design and sound, I suspect that they are suited for everyday use, as is the focus of the V-MODA brand as a whole. Most of V-MODA's customers are casual to serious listeners, not performers. I personally...
IMO, HE-560 is a great buy. Fantastic price to performance. The ether is better, all around. The bass isn't as fast (unfortuneatley I didn't throw all of my bass test tracks at it) but it does sound more life-like and natural. I think they are tonally similar, not the same, but similar (albeit I'm drawing on an impression of the 560 that I also heard at a show in the summer of last year), but the Ether is much better, technically speaking. The Ether wins hands down on...
I listened to these at Axpona today across three different amps, all of which were running off the Schiit Yggdrasil DAC. I listened on the Woo Audio WA5 with some fancy "Sophie" or "Sophia" tubes that apparently cost $1,200 a pair. I also used the Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson which is a tube hybrid and the Schiit Ragnarok.   To describe the Ether in a word, great. Simply great. While I was volunteering at the mrspeakers booth, one person was actually comparing them to...
Couldn't agree more. With headphones in general, and it is even worse in CIEMs, it seems like manufacturers want you to buy their brand instead of their product. I just want to know if I'll like how it sounds before I spend my hard earned dollars. Thanks Piotr!
Can someone make a comparison to a full size or on ear headphone that has a similar sound signature to the Ei.3? I'm so close to ordering these, but just want to make sure I like them as I am quite picky about sound signature.
What's in the kit? This intrigues me.
Oh! That's easy. Thanks a bundle!Any idea about volume control, for Android?And any idea on where to snag a microphone and switches? I'm sure I can find somewhere, I'm just curious on recommendations.
I had not heard about this CIEM yet. I have been intrigued with Piotr's work for some time now, but kind of ignored the Music Two's because I don't like V-shaped. These very much peak my interest as I love headphones that are warm, full, and intimate, with a polite treble response. These might be perfect for me and I can't wait!
Anyone have any experience getting phone controls (play/pause/resume) and a microphone on a DIY cable?   As I mostly use my Android phone as a source, I really would like to have these in-line controls. I plan to upgrade to a Sony Walkman DAP somewhere down the line to maintain the same cord control functionality. Any help?
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