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Smartphone forum? Where where WHERE?!!?! Jk I found it..  
Love the troll charlie the unicorn face! I know but people generally buy smartphones for the OS that they prefer. I doubt anyone is going to buy the Galaxy S II over the iPhone 4s because it has a 1.5 ghz processor. Android on an iPhone would be bad! Not because I prefer iOS but because iPhone has inferior hardware to other smartphones...
Off-topic much... I find Android fanboys to be the worst. Tend to be hipsters hopped up on how much more RAM they have and all I say is you can't even get a game that requires that, cue Infinity Blade II demonstration. Cue jaws dropping, cue stammering. Just to kick them while they are down I tell them I also choose iPhone for the camera, screen, and most importantly... THE WOOLFSON DAC!!!!!!!!  
    The isOlation is worse than solo beats. You can always use some black blutak to mod the faceplates closed for better isolation. This will change the soundstage and signature though so be prepared for a less airy sound. For you man I'd honestly just go for something more suited for DJing
*bump* I'm interested...
Personally I am not a fan of old sci-fi. I find myself laughing at the awful special effects more than paying attention to the boring plot. Just my personal opinion.
I've auditioned these and they suck! They highs are so blanketed and the bass has no impact. Sounds more like a pile of mud in a tin can than anything else. Despite how soft and fuzzy the ear cups look they were all matted down and hard. Those are the biggest waste of $60 ever. The nice metal is just extremely cheap plastic. Where is looks like the cups will swivel up and down they don't. They are awful!
At my local Beat Buy there are many headphones available for audition, nothing I would want though.   Beats by Dre Solo HD Beats by Dre Studio Beats by Dre Pro Klipsch Image One Sony XBR Xtra Bass headphones Bose AE2 Bose OE Bose QC15 Bose QC30 Bose IMEI2 Something from Pioneer but I can't remember A few more I can't remember all of them were mainstream on or over ear. Strict no listening to In-ears there. Ear-wax YUCKY YUCKY!!!   Not to mention a TON of speakers  
Is this sarcasm?
  They get very loud with no distortion so my initial answer is they would be perfect. But the isolation is very poor. They leak in a lot of outside sound. For DJ-ing I'd have to recommend the Sennheiser HD-25 ii. They will isolate far better and be better for DJs.
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