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Flat cables are meh. They never tangle which is useful, but as far as I know, they are always rubber. The phonics in said cables are terrible. My vote for cables would be braided cables. Where the strands of copper are individually coated and braided, almost no phonics, and SO FANCY! But that is really expensive and most people won't care about that.I like the customizable case idea. Although I think putting shields on a case is a bad idea, simply because the steel shields...
You guys are killing me here. I want to know!
In addition to the cool case ideas. I'd like to throw in my two cents. The most important thing to me with portable headphones is having the lowest time from having the headphones on me, and actually listening to music. Untangling them after being jammed into my pocket is not ideal. But neither is having to do some complicated winding and unwinding process.
I really like the name "Alto". Nothing wrong with "Forza", it just doesn't resonate with me personally. I like them both, though. On both packages, in this image, I do not like the handle at the top. It looks like the cheap, thin plastic that transparency screens are made of but I could be wrong. Also, the roundness contrasts the edginess of the entire rest of the box. But if the round loop can be pushed to be flush with the box, that is okay, I guess. IMO, it'd be cool...
Apex Switchback Not only does it sound awesome. The name is intriguing. And "switch" somewhat describes how the volume is changed. That is not the actual meaning, but it is how the name can stick in people's heads. A switchback is a road that ascends a mountain and has a sharp 180 degree turn to do so. Every amp in the industry was leading down the same mundane volume control. But Apex is turning the the game around, to reach new heights.
If you don't mind my asking. What is your reason for selling?
Has anybody here heard of or heard the Burson Audio Supreme Sound Op-amp? The thing is pretty massive, 16x42x21 mm for dual, and fetches $70. What do you guys think? Do you guys prefer IC op-amps over stuff like the Burson Audio SS and the Audio GD op-amps? This stuff still makes almost no sense to me, but I'm giving this stock OPA a good listen before I swap in my OPA2134.
I PMed two days ago about the HA-Info DAC/Amp. No reply. Are you still selling it?
Since the mounts use 3M adhesive, yes. That is the same stuff used to secure Command Hooks. Very secure, and it should not leave any residue behind or damage what you connect it to. I don't think that they would be reusable though. But if you take them on and off a lot, I know you can buy more base mounts on the website for pretty cheap.
So basically, find someone who had success with an op amp in the same system you have, or just swap until it sounds great? You guys are nuts! But I mean that in the most endearing way. I love it! Personally, I don't want to fall into this trap. I have too much to tinker with already. But I still don't understand why they sound different. Madmax, care to explain?
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