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What exactly would you say is the character of the Ei.3? Great review by the way. Very well written and now I just have to go get some impressions and figure out a design before I order myself a pair of these bad boys. Just curious as to your thoughts on their character as you mention it quite often. Also, how do male/female vocals sound on the Ei.3?
Yep. I have some leather at home and was planning on making a suspension strap for the Hifimans. I don't want a suspension strap in the usual sense, but much like in the Sony MDR-1R how there is a small amount of elastic within the pleather at the top. It has almost all the comfort of a full suspension strap, but looks much cleaner.I keep going back and forth on making my own pads or buying Audeze Vegan pads or Hifiman Focus Pads. I was also going to tape the pads down to...
Got it. I didn't look closely enough I guess. I plan to be contributing to the Everything mod gallery pretty soon as I'll be getting out of school in a few weeks. Just got the AD700 and we all know those need paint desperately. Not to mention my ambitious plans to overhaul the HE-400's I have but I might end up wimping out on that.
Casper, what are those stray wires coming out of the adapter?
I've been just about to pull the trigger on the RE-600 from Hifiman for months. Now I find out that the Zn competes directly against it?! You're making this really hard for me! Fingers crossed for full android compatibility...
Good idea, and I'm sure you are correct, but unfortunately for me that's not a great plan. I like bassy IEMs but I also like my mids full, lush, juicy, romantic, and intimate. I also prefer a slightly laid back treble. The Music Two is a slight v-shape from what I hear. AKA, not for me. I like smooth and laid back sound signatures, not fist pump, rock the house ones. At least 95% of the time.
Personally, I'm torn between Ei.3 and spending more. I know I don't want silicone CIEMs due to durability concerns. I'm trying to figure out what sound I will be happy with that way I won't be dashing to upgrade in less than a year. Ideally I want my first customs to last me through college (which I start this fall). I don't know at what price point that balance falls where sound quality is "good enough". I'd put it at $400-$500 for full size cans for that sound I'm...
I'm excited about these but still hesitant to pull the trigger. Waiting on more info/impressions/comparisons.
I think you are talking about the Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson here. Mrspeakers had four amps running the Ethers. Three were large and on the front table, the Liquid Crimson, Ragnarok, and WA5. The Liquid Carbon was off to the right hand side and a lot smaller than the others.
Dan had a Liquid Carbon running one of the Ethers at Axpona and he was personally a big fan of the amp. I didn't get a chance to hear it, but I'm sure it's a great buy.And you're welcome. I still recommend that you listen yourself before buying as it is harder and harder to pick out the differences in high end gear and it mainly becomes preference based.
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