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That's them. Although I don't like them in blue... I've had the black and the silver.I own the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore, they are definitely not bassy. The Xiaomi Pistons are good too, but also not bassy.
Go these in a trade a while back. Not my taste, too neutral. Perfect condition ~25 hours.   Pictures on request, but they are like any other Tenore. Honestly perfect condition.   I'm not looking for anything in particular. I can add cash or take it, just PM me with what you've got.
Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear. Has the three button functionality for Android, has received good reviews, and is under $100. I have not heard it, but it is probably pretty dang good. And it has the same sound signature that you mentioned you wanted. It is a good mix between fun and neutral. I hope somebody with experience with them can comment.
Have tried almost 50 IEMs in this price range, I can assure you that the following recommendation is a good one. JLabs Jbuds J6 (discontinued, but that just means they are cheaper on Amazon!) I've tried tons and tons of IEMs and for the bass lovers, these are great. Sound great all across the spectrum with an emphasis on bass. Bonus, they are tiny and super comfortable. Bonus, they come with tons of tips, XS-L and 3 pairs of Bi-flanges as well. Bonus, they come with the...
Ahh, that's the point of the teaser. I don't want to say before confirming as not to mislead anyone or seem like a fool.
  Erm. The ear cups are far from large. But you should be able to cram most ears in there. However, if your ears stick out from your head, the cups aren't very deep, so that might bug you. My ears actually touch the inside, but it is hardly noticeable and does not bother me. In fact, these are among the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.
As not to leave you guys hanging too long before my full review, I'll tell you this. I very much enjoy these. But I think people have been looking at them all wrong. Just a little teaser, but I think a lot of people will be quite intrigued by what I have to say. Just need to do a few more test to prove my theory.
They unfortuneately haven't hit my doorstep yet but are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.I plan on doing a full and very detailed review. If something comes up and I don't get to it, I'll be sure to leave some quick thoughts.
I got a chance to try a Parker Sonnet with a gold nib. Goodness. I didn't like how light it was (resin) but my oh my did that puppy write smooth. The nib had some flex to it. Not enough to be annoying, or even notice if you weren't looking for at it. But enough to give line variation and be very smooth no matter the angle. I'm not very expierenced with fountain pens, so take it with a grain of salt. But I've only heard great things about the Parker Sonnet.I hear sailor...
After some digging on eBay, I found some iro's for ~$20 USD with free shipping. Engeika seems like the way to go if I want some iro's though. But 8 bottles?! Wow, how long does that last you?   And I did some math of my own. Shipping costs and everything for buying 8 bottles at a time. (Nothing good local where I live.) Noodler's Ink from Goulet Pens $.1226 / ml Pilot Iroshizuku Ink at Engeika $.27 / ml Diamine Ink from Goulet Pens $.1743 / ml Pilot Irozhizuku Ink at...
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