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The Bowers & Wilkins P5 and P3 come to mind due to their great noise isolation properties, but they are out of your price range, and bassy. You might be able to snag them in an open box sale. I've seen the P5 go for $200 ($100 off) so I wouldn't be surprised if the P3 hit $100. Hmm. This is a tough one. I can't think of a can that is a good isolator at this price point that doesn't suck. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than I will come around.
And Takstar Pro80. Although they are not the most comfortable.
If you are in the sub $50 range for headphones, you probably don't want an amp. In my personal and highly subjective opinion, I wouldn't spend money on a DAC or Amp until you've spent at least $100 on your headphones, if not more. A DAC/amp can always be added down the road. I reccomend you spend your whole budget on the headphones. As far as plugging in your headphones to your computer or your Bose speakers, it doesn't matter. Your Bose speakers have a pass through,...
The M-Audio BX5 D2's aren't the best in their normal price range, but they are a top choice. And at $150 for the pair that is a downright steal! Yes, a DAC will improve the sound. Normally I'd say it is up to you, but since you are using an HP laptop, I highly reccomend it. Especially if it is a Beats Audio edition. Beats audio = EQ when turned on and EQ when turned off. You just can't get accurate clean sound out of a Beats Audio device. I recommend the HA-Info USB to...
While I somewhat agree with the above posts, I'll give you an actual answer, before giving my reccomendation. If you are gaming at a desk, this is easy. Get an Antlion Modmic, a TRRS to 2x TRS splitter to give you seperate headphone and mic jacks. Plug the modmic into the mic jack and affix it to the HD800 somehow. I have my modmic stuck to a cable clip that I clip to the top of the cable as not to have anything permanent on the headphone. Next, run a 3.5 mm aux cord to...
Look at Schiit's website. Every amp that they offer is among the best in it's price range. Not sure about if they can drive speakers as well. I think that depends on the amp, the info will be on the site. Also check out PS Audio's most recent and only headphone amp. I'm almost positive that it can drive headphones and speakers.
Re strip the bottom end in the picture as you are clearly missing come of the wires. Then just line up the colors.
Sign me up!
Take a look at the cable that plugs into it. If it is TRS, then you gave one channel for left, one for right, and one for ground. You need a TRRS cable so that you have a channel for your mic. I don't understand the board, but basically as long as you follow TRRS convention and wire your mic and drivers accordingly, you shouldn't need the board at all. I might be wrong though, as I have never done anything like this. I'd be interested to see how it turns out though.
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