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I agree I wouldn't want that... I see where you are coming from with the LCD display Apple logo for old MacBooks, which was cool. But I don't see the purpose, for free or for the price it will end up costing. I also couldn't imagine the bulk it would add...
Wait, that doesn't make sense... Thats not something Google would do... Try that link  
What do you mean by "doesn't work"?    
At least we are good for something!
I too have noticed a bit of fatigue over a long period of time only on the left ear. When looking at my M80s, the left ear cup pad is about 2x as thick as the right. I will post a picture.
      Val you are killin me. I can't bear to put my m80s up past 70% on my iPhone 4s. I have cranked them either off my head and they lose no detail loss. Sorry for the bad typing mobile  safari + head if = disaster   The LP2 have very blanketed highs. Sound decent with rap and some dubstsp. Not an audiophile headphone.      
30 hours of burn in for me 18 hours of wear time to reach top comfort...   And to the guy with the weather channel app... Use accuweather it's far more accurate has a cleaner UI and loads a buttload faster. Give it a shot man its nice
I was glad to see Google music offering 320 kbps audio. Very pleased...  
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