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I really want this meet to happen. Audio Addict, have you found a way to fund it yet or has that place downtown been confirmed? If neither of those, I can cold call some car dealerships near the hotel where we had it last year and see if they'd be interested in paying for the room. I can be pretty convincing.
I am open to any and all trade offers and sale offers alike. I'm also down for adding cash on either side.   If shipping internationally, please specify. I may charge extra for shipping outside of US.   V-MODA M80 - $100 I love these things but they just don't get enough head time. I might end up keeping them.   HE-400 (disassembled) - $150 I bought these used on Head-Fi a little while ago. I was planning to do a major overhaul of them, but never did. I stripped a...
I know I was really looking forward to attending this yes. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I know that there is a long time audio enthusiast store in Evanston that might be interested in this stuff. I do believe it is called "Audio Essentials". Don't know how big they are but if they are interested in sponsoring, Evanston would be a decent location.
Wow. That would be sweet. Flashier than the design I proposed, but beautiful nonetheless. Now it's just a decision of how flashy I want to look, as well as impressions.
I've decided that I'm going to order a "State of Art" Ei.3. Just have to go to the audiologist and get impressions. I'm thinking Cocobolo or just a rich brown color with Kuntsugi-esque lines. Assuming Piotr can do that. Any outside input? I want them to look good both in and out of my ears regardless of what I'm wearing. Also, I can't decide if I'd want traditional Kuntsugi lines in gold, or one's in a copper or amber. Decisions...
Thanks Mad Max, I'm definitely going to have to go for it then. I'm going to add the Audimute Peacemaker as well to improve isolation. What probably happened was Sony seperatd the sound engineers from the designers when building their headphones. The pads are comfy enough, slim, and stylish. But I could totally see how they are negatively impacting the sound.
I'd take them as a universal truth for sound signature. Unless the headphone's sound is very fit dependent and the fit is poor.But a graph doesn't tell all. A headphone could have the ideal sound signature (whatever that is) but distort like crazy and sound just terrible with the drivers out of phase.
Agree.I think the most telling thing to look at for an IEM is the comparison charts. Now, keep in mind that the graphs that Piotr made were uncompensated. Looking at the Ei.3 and saying that the treble looks spikey is accurate, but that is just problems with resonance in the measuring equipment.The comparison to the UE Reference Monitors I think is the most telling. Those are widely regarded to be perfectly neutral. And the Ei.3 has more bass and less treble than the UERM...
My favorite part about the MDR-1R is their low profile. HM5 pads are a tad big for what I'm going for. I'll definitely consider them for the AT though. What would you say the effects of your mod was? Everything I see on the MDR-1R is a mod to try to "bring out the detail" and it just seems that it would dramatically increase backwaves and/or the volume of the treble. (Too many folks call treble emphasis "detail," but that is an argument i I like the laid back sound sig of...
What exactly would you say is the character of the Ei.3? Great review by the way. Very well written and now I just have to go get some impressions and figure out a design before I order myself a pair of these bad boys. Just curious as to your thoughts on their character as you mention it quite often. Also, how do male/female vocals sound on the Ei.3?
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