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I'll have to go through and listen to all these folks that you guys have listed, I'm excited to find so many recommendations for this genre! I've always loved solo piano or piano-focused music but struggle to find gems.   I have to throw my two cents in. Ilya Beshevli is my favorite New Age pianist (I'd classify him as neo-classical). He is fantastic pianist who used to only do solo piano music, but as of late he has branched out to make more piano focused classical, it...
The treble is awful for me as well, with the velour pads on. As soon as I put the pleathers on, the treble becomes acceptable and the bass really fills in. Have you tried pad rolling and/or modding? All of Hifiman's stuff is very responsive to small tweaks. I'd try the "fuzzor" mod by Jerg, which will decrease backwave response, thus improving clarity, and tame the treble. While taming the backwaves is the primary focus of this mod, if you smush the foam less, you can...
Preach! That has always been my only complaint about the M-100. It is honestly the only reason that I do not own a pair. I love how small they fold up and the comfort is great. The sound quality is great. The isolation could be better. But the mids sound so distant and awkward to me and I just can't do that to myself for a few hundred dollars.
I own the HE-400 and have to wear it on the absolute smallest setting in order for it to fit right. For the Oppo PM-2, which I demoed for a week, I wore it with 4-5 clicks of length extension on each side. I briefly demoed the M50 at a Head-Fi meet and I think the sizing for me was 2 clicks on each side, but take this one with a grain of salt because that was a while ago. I very highly doubt that you will have an issue with the PM-2 being too large for your head. But they...
  I actually received the headphones on January 24th (due to issues with signature confirmation). I tried to get them out in 7 days but was snowed in. I had the headphones in my possession for a total of 9 days before there was an issue with them. The pad mechanism failed or I broke it, I'm still not sure which, and the rubber grommets that normally act as anchors were pushed into the cup. The pads wobbled around a lot. I messaged Jiffy Squid immediately (February 2nd) and... My PM-2 review, I thought you guys might be interested. I really think that they have their spot in audiophilia and find that many comparisons that people make are unfair for the PM-2. Ceck it out!
Sounds like a really good crossfeed switch in a cable... I'm not knocking it, in fact, I think it is a good idea. But I don't see the point of all the buzzwords. Maybe I'm wrong. Go check out my extremely detailed review!
+1 to that. My Tenore's sound super super neutral. And that is for sure. I had my Pistons a long time ago, back before my tastes matured, and I didn't try many tips. I remember them falling out often, so I mustn't have had a good seal. Which would make sense why I thought they weren't bassy.ThatBeatsGuy knows his stuff though on the budget-fi in-ears. I've read many of his reviews, he gets it.
That's them. Although I don't like them in blue... I've had the black and the silver.I own the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore, they are definitely not bassy. The Xiaomi Pistons are good too, but also not bassy.
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