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Ownership Transfer through The Custom Art is 75 Euros (plus more depending on design and options). The 175 euros is for remold of universal IEMs.
I've read a couple of reviews of universal demo units of customs that aren't normally sold as universals. There are some very minor differences in sound I've heard, can't remember what they are though. As long as you have a good seal, you should be close enough. I wouldn't talk too much about fit if I were you.
Head-Fi username: Pwn3r4Life Location (City, Country): St Charles, IL Final products previously used: None Source gear: Ha-Info U2 Plus USB DAC/Amp iPod Video > Fiio E11 Oneplus One Link to a previous review:   I promise to be a bit less wordy in my review if I'm blessed (see what I did there?) with the chance to hear this IEM.
It was the K10 comparison. I get it now though. Thank you!
Not hating on the Oppo HA-1, because I actually personally like that unit. I was A/Bing the HE-1000 and Ether at ChiUniFi on the Oppo HA-1. The Ether has slightly laid back treble to begin with, and the HA-1, for whatever reason (I don't know), really accentuates this. The HE-1000 sounded a lot lighter on its feet on this unit in comparison to the Ether. It also has nicer and more top end sparkle, but no splash. Having heard the Ether on many other rigs though, I figure...
Interested. As always.
Great, detailed review. A very good read. But wait a minute, the Ei.3 is neutral now? It compares the sound of K10 very closely and I've heard from almost everyone that the K10 is very close to neutral, but not flat enough for mastering. At least the reviews thus far agree on one thing, that the Ei.3 is really good. Can't wait for mine! (I'm getting my impressions as soon as the audiologist has an opening.)
The sound sounds strange. I'd say diffuse. I can't pinpoint anything, imaging is awful. Things sound distant. Voices are absent on most modern tracks. The phase issue makes sense. I heard nothing out of the ordinary in a frequency sweep. So I wired it wrong and I have to redo it? How do I figure out which is correct? Thanks,Nate
Oooh boy! My adapter just came in and it works flawlessly! I wasn't sure it would work, but it sure does. I can't wait to bring it to the meet and use it.   I bought an micro USB to USB A OTG adapter. This plugs into any android phone (5.0 and later) and allows you to use almost any USB DAC with it. As long as the DAC doesn't rely on the USB port for power in which case it can't have a large power draw. Basically, I'll be able to use all of my own music on anyone's...
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