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I'll be there! Wasn't planning on bringing anything though... Edit: I feel like that really understates my excitement. I'm stoked to see you all again! Woohoo!
I'd say far from bass heavy. It'll thump and thump well if that's what the song demands, but if it isn't there, it isn't there. It's not like a bassy can in the sense that the bass is everywhere, acoustics, vocals, all that. It just presents the bass, and the rest of the spectrum, how it is IMO. Orchestral drums sound like... orchestral drums. They don't sounds loud, they never seeped into the mids. If you are worried about bass, you could always pair them with a cold,...
Hmm. Some tips sit more shallow in the ear than others. Also, bi-flange and tri-flange go deeper in the ear. This sounds more to me like a hygiene issues than anything (no offense, just my experience). I too notice the earwax build up in my ear after using IEMs. I just use a cotton swab (carefully) after I shower and everything is super clean. Yearly I do a soak with half hydrogen peroxide in my ear to clean out anything deep. In regards to mass market and V-Moda. The Zn...
True, but no need for hostility. Sometimes folks don't look at all 15 pages, or even the last one, before they post about their excitement. I think the number one competitor for the V-MODA Zn will be the Hifiman RE-600. Similar price point and the RE-600 is a killer universal.
It's V-Moda. They will be built solidly.
Nice to hear. I'd own a pair of M-100's if I could stand the mids. I care too much about the intimacy, fullness, and presence of vocalists (especially female ones). The M-100 is great, that's my only beef with it but it sounds like the Zn fills the only void and that has me excited.
Ironically, I own AD700s and don't find the soundstage anything spectacular. I'll test it more heavily tomorrow and with proper amplification. I find them to be very open and airy sounding, but other than that I wouldn't say their soundstage is that great. My Sony MDR-1R have awesome spacing but terrible imaging and no airiness. Both of these headphones have angled drivers. The AD700's are bigger and less angled than the Sony if that matters.
So this is yet another one of those things. The soundstage might suck because the music was recorded poorly and/or mastered lazily. Great. Just wonderful.
But with speakers isn't your mind still interpreting the sound to come from in front of you. Granted, that is actually the case, but either way, why can't headphones trick your ears into making your brain think the sound is coming from a different location? What acoustic properties dictate soundstage? That's what I'm getting at here. Agree. I never cared about or really noticed soundstage until recently. Dynamics have always sounded more open to me (boosted treble), but...
If you've read any of my reviews, you'll notice I dance around the topic of soundstage. I hide from it. This is purely because I feel that it is a word that gets tossed around all too often and carelessly. This is my attempt to define it and understand, through and through, of course with the help of fellow Head-Fiers.   Below I have listed and described what I believe to be the sub-points that a headphone (or speaker system) must hit to have a great...
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