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Up for sale/trade is a used HTC One M7 smartphone. It wokrs flawlessly but has some minor cosmetic damage such as nicks around the edges and a scratch on the glass that covers the back camera (this does not affect images at all). Buy with confidence as I have great feedback on here and am a long time seller on eBay. Pictures:
I am extremely interested. While I definitely am not a veteran to audiophilia, I have owned ~30 pairs of headphones and have had the chance to experience about another 30 pair for an extended period. I listen to every genre of music, from Classical and Film Scores, to Hip Hop and EDM, to Classic Rock and everything in between. I find that I have an amazing ear for sound quality, being able to pick up on every nuance of good and bad in a headphone in a very short time...
Hmm. Perhaps you could pursuade a kind head-fier from the mainland EU (I don't know what it is called. You know what I mean, Germany, France, Spain, etc.) to buy a pair and ship it to you if you pay them. You can also look used on these forums. They regularly go used for ~$200. If you can find someone in Europe, shipping won't kill you. And the M-100 has a good amount more bass than the DT770 and is far less harsh in the treble, IMO. But I haven't spent a lot of time with...
No idea, but I'm curious to see what you come up with. I actually plan to add felt or cotton or something in an extensive HE-400 mod that I have planned in order to tame the treble. But felt in front of the driver can also reduce back waves, thus improving sound quality. But what you are saying makes sense and I'm curious to see how it turns out. It shouldn't be too difficult to disassemble all the cans and just rip the felt off. Unless you wanted to be more orderly about...
I almost bought 30 pair of partially working or partially broken Klipsch headphones on eBay for $10. I got outbid last second though. Something like that would've been killer for you.
Polaroid and monoprice are two brands I would check out. Your best bet is to buy headphones that are broken on eBay if you want good drivers actually. You can scrap headbands too from eBay. Make the students get out the dial calipers and measure everything up to fit!
I'll have to check those out. I've seen you write some great reviews on here and I'd call myself a fan.I don't mean that I want just mids, just not neutral. Maybe just a little roll off on the whole treble. But with the bass and mids in line.
My vote was for the Sony's. But from what you have described, you will like the momentums. Seriously look at the V-Moda M-100 though. For your tastes and needs, those things will wreck.
Thanks! I'll look into it! At first glance these things take their mids seriously! Additional info for anyone who might understand this. I like the smooth sound signature of my Sony MDR-1R very much. I can listen to it for hours without the slightest fatigue.
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