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It's not that its bad, I found it just wasn't that good. Nothing special...
I'd do some research on the SIIS on battery life, I have an iPhone 4s but got some nice hardware.
I've wondered the same thing. Apple threw a 1080p FaceTime camera on the MacBooks was hoping it would be on the 4s, it's not. I hate front facing camera. It is not smooth, sucks in low light, and makes the littlest imperfection on your face look like puke.
What does that mean?Veni. Vidi. Vici.Tried google translate, nothing.I managed to get I saw out of Vidi. Makes me think it means I came I saw I conquered.
I used to use Sennheiser IE7 all the time. In a quiet environment, because they isolate so well, I found the music getting quieter and quieter so I turned the volume up and up. Hearing loss sure followed. In loud rooms I have trouble understanding voices. It is a bit more tough for me to have a conversation in a loud room. I just can't hear like I used to. I am only 14 and am never using IEMs again. My ears always got so fatigued and it wasn't until my mom said she thought...
I'm going to have to second both of these posts. (HOORAY FOR ME I LEARNED HOW TO MULTI QUOTE!) Definitely kids with Beats seem to be of a higher stature. I don't get it. LikingSomeone for theirs headphones? That's worse than liking someone for their car. It seems kids at my school who are Beats fanboys say they look sexy and have the most bass. I have to agree, they look nice, but they are cheap plastic and every time they fold they sound like they are going to snap. They...
As far as cord length goes, I'm 5'6'' and my phone is on the floor when I stand with the cans on head.
Just witnessed a mind baffling conversion!!!!! This kid went from Beats by Dre Pros to another pair of Beats by Dre Pros to Denon D-700. I would never walk around with those things on my head. They are downright massive. Not to mention too expensive to be shoved in a backpack.
V-Moda Vibe are on super sale right now. Haven't read any reviews but they precede the Vibrato's, which are suposed to be awesome. Look around but those are marked down form $110 to $30. I'd try to find some reviews.
I have not heard an iPod classic but it wouldn't surprise me. It is more dedicated to music so it would make sense that it would sound better.
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