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Speak directly to the mods about either reopening them or doing a mass pm to Head-Fiers who have specifically expressed interest in attending a meet in this area by posting in an old thread? Would this be possible?
Depening on whether the Ei.3's sensitivity spec of 118 is measured as dB/mW or dB/V, I've calculated that that DAP will power them to 111 dB and 129 dB SPL respectively at max output. It will be loud enough, but that doesn't mean that it will sound good necessarily.I was hoping to just be able to use my iPod Video with these when I purchase them, so I'd like to know from someone with firsthand experience. I have a Fiio that I could add in so I wasn't worried about it. But...
I will come! I don't plan on bringing anything as hopefully all of my gear I don't use will be sold by then and the rest is just portable cheapo stuff. I might bring my Sony MDR-10R, especially if I have them modded by then. Definitely bringing my iPod Video and Fiio E11 combo. Unapologetically to use for myself. I can bring SOL Republic Master Tracks and AT AD700 if there is interest.
I listened to the Ether straight out of my iPod Video, through a Fiio E11, and through three top end DAC/Amp sets on a relatively quiet show floor. I did not use my own music on the top end gear. That said, it sounded much much better on the top end gear. From one top end amp to another, the differences were primarily in signature. But from the Fiio to the top end stuff, what is gained is a ridiculous amount of detail, clarity, transparency, and of course, signature. The...
Glad to see this is moving forward. If there is anything that I can do to help, let me know. Unfortunately I don't have any epic gear to bring. Might bring my iPod Video > Fiio E11 > MDR-1R rig but I don't know. Anyway, let me know if there is anything at all that I can do to help.
I went a car dealership donating the money, not the space. But the western springs room sounds okay to me, especially if it is free. That said, you said it might be too small. How big is it?
Agree. I know it probably sounded strange when I said a car dealership, but I was being serious. I don't know what you think of this, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Simply have "Sponsored by Smith Honda and Ford" or whatever on any signage and on the forum posts. Think about it. You have a bunch of people who generally have above average incomes talking about and coming to this event, all from that area. The visitors would see it as a kind gesture for them to donate...
I really want this meet to happen. Audio Addict, have you found a way to fund it yet or has that place downtown been confirmed? If neither of those, I can cold call some car dealerships near the hotel where we had it last year and see if they'd be interested in paying for the room. I can be pretty convincing.
I am open to any and all trade offers and sale offers alike. I'm also down for adding cash on either side.   If shipping internationally, please specify. I may charge extra for shipping outside of US.   Audio Technica AD-700 - $75 Bought these used. I am the second owner. Not the sound signature for me. The soundstage and comfort is great on these. Condition is fair. I repaired the cable issue and it is now terminated with a 30 degree 3.5mm jack. No box,...
I know I was really looking forward to attending this yes. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I know that there is a long time audio enthusiast store in Evanston that might be interested in this stuff. I do believe it is called "Audio Essentials". Don't know how big they are but if they are interested in sponsoring, Evanston would be a decent location.
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