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Does this many drivers really sound that much better than 8 drivers (as in the Westone 8). Im pretty sure when you end up spending 8 grand on a pair of IEMs they barely sound better than a thousand dollar pair. Who notices THAT MUCH DETAIL?!
I recently had the same issue. Go with the Sennheiser IE7 for 163 on amazon. They are a great IEM (headphones that block out noise so well musicians use these on stage) that's typically costs 300+ but on amazon they are a steal. If you need to go with something a bit cheaper I'd recommend looking at the multi-IEM review here on head-fi. Very in depth and could easily find something to suit your wants and needs. Plus the Sennheisers come with something ridiculous like a 10...
Agree with everyone. The 650s will sound better all around because they are open. Pretty sure the m50s are closed but don't quote me on that.
How do these compare to the Denon D2000? Same price range I want them compared to the current kings. My main concerns are isolation, soundstage, and bass response as I hear that they have similar highs and mids. Which is better without amping? I would use them for portables as I want to switch out of my IE7 because after 2 hours of listening my ears itch so bad it hurts and must stop listening for hours for it to subside. Thus I am looking for some circumarraul phones to...
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