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It was the K10 comparison. I get it now though. Thank you!
Not hating on the Oppo HA-1, because I actually personally like that unit. I was A/Bing the HE-1000 and Ether at ChiUniFi on the Oppo HA-1. The Ether has slightly laid back treble to begin with, and the HA-1, for whatever reason (I don't know), really accentuates this. The HE-1000 sounded a lot lighter on its feet on this unit in comparison to the Ether. It also has nicer and more top end sparkle, but no splash. Having heard the Ether on many other rigs though, I figure...
Interested. As always.
Great, detailed review. A very good read. But wait a minute, the Ei.3 is neutral now? It compares the sound of K10 very closely and I've heard from almost everyone that the K10 is very close to neutral, but not flat enough for mastering. At least the reviews thus far agree on one thing, that the Ei.3 is really good. Can't wait for mine! (I'm getting my impressions as soon as the audiologist has an opening.)
The sound sounds strange. I'd say diffuse. I can't pinpoint anything, imaging is awful. Things sound distant. Voices are absent on most modern tracks. The phase issue makes sense. I heard nothing out of the ordinary in a frequency sweep. So I wired it wrong and I have to redo it? How do I figure out which is correct? Thanks,Nate
Oooh boy! My adapter just came in and it works flawlessly! I wasn't sure it would work, but it sure does. I can't wait to bring it to the meet and use it.   I bought an micro USB to USB A OTG adapter. This plugs into any android phone (5.0 and later) and allows you to use almost any USB DAC with it. As long as the DAC doesn't rely on the USB port for power in which case it can't have a large power draw. Basically, I'll be able to use all of my own music on anyone's...
Strange issue, strange question. I just shortened the cable on my Audio Technica AD-700 and put a new jack on. The joints are soldered and independently wrapped in electrical tape, as they should be. I heatshrunk it, and it works. I get sound of both sides reliably. BUT, voices are whisper quiet in 90 percent of songs I listen to. They sound underwater and far away. Some songs sound like they are stuttering in and out rapidly. This occurs across multiple sources, but is...
I'm stoked. I think Android 3 button and Apple 3 button is the way to go in regards to remotes. As @james369 said, Android 3 buttons are rare, but I like them. Also would like to throw this in. I hope you guys aren't using the same remote design as you did in the early M80. Mine broke during normal use and the housing fell off. Now I have exposed wires hanging out to almost no fault of my own. IMO the plastic was too thin but any number of things could have caused it.
65 ohm @ 1kHz, but they are sensitive.Sorry I'm not Piotr...
I'm with Casper. One of the best looking DACs or amps in a long time, not to mention a combo unit.
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