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I have not experienced either of these things. However, I'm sure you could find someone on Craig's list to help you figure this out once and for all. You can find anything on Craig's list.
I believe it. #immortallife
You try claiming the warranty? V-Moda has great customer service. They should be able to fix or replace your Remix.
Patience everyone. Perfection takes time.
Depends on the pads. The HE-400 sound changes a lot with different pads. With the stock pleather pads, they have some thump. Many put the velour pads on them which opens them up but reduces the bass by a significant amount.
First of all, oops I thought you said 880. Don't think I've heard the 990.I listen to a lot of pop and hip hop and I like my headphones to thump when they need to.I'd be curious as to what upstream gear caused your impression of the 880 to have more than average bass. I've only heard it on a solid state amp so maybe it just needs some of that tube magic.Anywho, I'd say the 880 has everything generally in line with neutral but the treble is jacked up maybe 4-6 dB. Bass...
Just a pure guess from my knowledge of manufacturing, release date is probably end of September-ish. I don't recall Val or anyone from V-MODA giving a timeframe for release.
990 is pretty bass light especially without tubes.HE-400 is U-shaped for sure. I own a pair.
Maybe it snap fits. Look at a beats by dre teardown and try that kind of stuff. All I can think of. Thator sell them or pony up the cost to replace through sennheiser. Should be half off a comparable new model
This is in OP's price range and is a great headphone. However the soundstage is small and they are not stylish, things he (possibly she) said he wanted.Also, the HE-500 is stupidly uncomfortable and the build quality is just bad for a headphone of it's price, or any price. I own the HE-400 and trust me, it is no small thing. This headphone basically necessitates mods if you plan on using it for over an hour. Even after that, expect a soar neck. They are heavy!Finally, OP...
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