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Couldn't agree more. With headphones in general, and it is even worse in CIEMs, it seems like manufacturers want you to buy their brand instead of their product. I just want to know if I'll like how it sounds before I spend my hard earned dollars. Thanks Piotr!
Can someone make a comparison to a full size or on ear headphone that has a similar sound signature to the Ei.3? I'm so close to ordering these, but just want to make sure I like them as I am quite picky about sound signature.
What's in the kit? This intrigues me.
Oh! That's easy. Thanks a bundle!Any idea about volume control, for Android?And any idea on where to snag a microphone and switches? I'm sure I can find somewhere, I'm just curious on recommendations.
I had not heard about this CIEM yet. I have been intrigued with Piotr's work for some time now, but kind of ignored the Music Two's because I don't like V-shaped. These very much peak my interest as I love headphones that are warm, full, and intimate, with a polite treble response. These might be perfect for me and I can't wait!
Anyone have any experience getting phone controls (play/pause/resume) and a microphone on a DIY cable?   As I mostly use my Android phone as a source, I really would like to have these in-line controls. I plan to upgrade to a Sony Walkman DAP somewhere down the line to maintain the same cord control functionality. Any help?
Depends on who you reshell through.   I myself have not done this and can offer no help. But many companies that offer reshells say that they take the original sound of the headphone into regard when making the reshell.
I plan to do something like this in the future, with portability being the main goal. I'm going into Manufacturing and Design Engineering myself and this whole project and process intrigues me very much.   What CAD software are you using? It looks like Solidworks but I can never truly tell.   Also, the shock-mount style ear thing is cool idea. I wonder how it plays out versions the traditional pivot mechanisms. It can articulate on 7 more axis so theoretically it...
$150 is the reshell cost of IEMs other than Custom Art's. Ownership transfer from the website is ~$80 if you want all one color.
Who did you do the reshell through? How much did it cost? And how much was your savings as compared to buying new?It's good to hear that they sounded the same. All this company jargon about proper sound tubes had me shying away from reshells. But it looks like a great opportunity to save some money.
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