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The tech you are referring too is called aptx encoding. It is a type of Bluetooth that reduces the audio quality loss generally associated with Bluetooth. Bluetooth is not as good as a wire, ever, right now. I too am interested in this. Anybody know of any products?
PM-2 is infinitely more comfortable. Infinitely. The LCD2 has more bass and smoother roll off of the treble. The PM-2 is more mids-focused in comparison to the LCD2, with a much quicker treble roll off. These headphones are more alike than they are different when it comes to sound. Many cite the LCD2 as being more detailed, I disagree. I purely think this is a byproduct of the smoother treble roll off.
Sir, there is a link to more info, specifically specs, just a few posts above yours.Also, they must be very different. Given the extremely positive reviews thus far of the Zn and the generally lukewarm reviews of the Vibrato. I imagine it's similar to moving from the LP2 to the M100, less club tuning and more audiophile tuning.
No hiss with W60's?! That's impressive as all heck. Those things are 117 do at 24 ohm. Crazy. Consider me sold.Thank you very much for your input!
I've owned and heard phones with Qualcomm DACs and Wolfoan DACs. The DAC isn't even half the story. The biggest thing I notice is if the audio is poorly isolated from the other components then you get feedback when the phone is processing tasks.To compare the Wolfson DACs to the Qualcomm ones that I've heard, the Wolfson sounds like a tube amp and the Qualcomm sounds like a hybrid. Wolfson sounds tuer to music while Qcom sounds more fun, energetic, and creates a good...
Output voltage tells far from the whole story in quality. In fact, it's probably the least important metric IMO. I'm still interested to hear more about how these phones actually sound. SNR stats especially.
Huh. I didn't know this. Glad I do now. I was growing vexed as to why they hadn't changed much after 20 hours.But the cables still have to burn in. :}
I got mine. Testing is underway. I don't want to give my impressions now because they haven't fully burned in yet and I have a feeling that they are going to change a good amount. I also don't have access to a decent source or source files at the moment. I like them so far, so there's  that.
Does Ei.3 stand for anything? I get that 3 is the number of drivers per side, but I can't figure out Ei...
Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that they are going to be using a $1000+ audio recording set up and then use an iPhone 6 for visuals? Granted, I'd rather have it this way than have a $1000+ camera and crap audio, but hey, why not have some balance?
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