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I am going to send kingwa some pic and video to show him the problem. If I have to return it, I will ask for the old chassis. Anyway, should I ask him to pay for the return shipping?   thanks.
Thank you guys for the responses. Mine is the new chassis, which has two small buttons to change input channel. It is the same as the new NFB8 chassis .shown on audio-gd site . My mistake to choose the new chassis, I probably have to return it.
Hello everybody: I am new here and need help. I just got the Ref 7.1 with new chassis, but the selector buttons dont work. Anyone know what the problem is?   help appreciated. David.
Just saw on the audio gd website. with improved analog part, same EIGHT pieces of PCM1704. Thank you Kingwa for bring it back and make it better. will order on monday. actually I just canceled the order for NFB8 wm. couldnt be happier.   David
Hello, I just sent the money via paypal. Could you please include the BNC-RCA adapter. I sent you two PM , so they wont allow me to send you another.   David
I want to buy it, will pay via paypal. I am in Oklahoma.   Cheers. David 
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