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i just read through the manual, thanks.  Got some laughs out of it, too.
Nice!  What a clean looking product and board.  But is there no official picture of the remote control?
I'm a little late to the game but just submitted my MB order. Guess the rush is over or Schiit is working double time as I'm only 6th in line!
Ok, I received the micro B to mini B USB cable but my iPhone 6 doesn't want to work with the chain: iPhone --> Lightning to micro B USB adapter --> micro B to mini B USB cable --> Fulla --> headphones When plugged in the phone displays this message:  and while I did get some hum with a headphone at one point through the Fulla combo it basically doesn't work.  When playing audio the iPhone never shuts down the internal speaker.  I will try with a powered hub next, I...
No, not yet.  I've received items from HK in as few as 3 days but this time around no such luck.
 Yes, they do.  However, I went with the adapter and cable posted earlier by Yethal to shave a few inches of cable hanging off the phone.  To accomplish the same, you could go with the Apple cable and find a small USB type A to mini-B adapter but overall that solution would be bulkier than Yethal's suggested one.
I'm officially Fulla Schiit now.  Picked it up from the post office this morning and listened to a few songs.  Some observations:   The Fulla can drive a HD 600 way past what my MacBook Pro's native headphone out can do, with "fulla" soundstage and extension at both ends. With my Westone 3 IEMs, there's very limited volume play as noted by others.  Going to 9 o'clock is already way too loud.  However, same positive sound quality improvement as with the HD 600. Found...
 Not sure if you've seen this thread, found it via search: I wasn't aware battery powered USB hubs even existed. I just ordered a Fulla with the intent to use it with my MacBook Pro to drive IEMs and sealed cans while traveling or at the office.  I'll use it with my iPhone 6, too, if there turns out not to be a power draw issue.  I'd rather not travel around with a portable USB hub.
Yethal, the Lightning to Micro USB adapter has this in the description  If the adapter allows for USB audio, then it would be ok.  Have you experience with this adapter?
 Well, any product can be a DIY project if you want it to be.  Just look at all the HD 800 mods. Anyways, with my stock pair, I'm happier than a pig in schiit, not at all tempted to mod it at this time.  I don't mind reading about it though, because it shows that an already great headphone could be even better if I choose to go down that route.
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