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I posted a picture of my through board above and in it you can see two holes for stand offs. My motherboard did have two stand offs on which it was mounted, so I guess my Bifrost has a different motherboard than yours.
For USB, you could certainly give the Schiit Modi a try.  At $99, if you don't like it, consider the 15% restocking fee the cost of being able to audition one for 15 days.  Check out the reviews in this forum.
Will you be using USB or optical/coax out of your system?  I chose to bypass USB for optical out of my Macbook Pro and purchased the Schiit Bifrost without the USB option.  Price was much better that way, and since Schiit poo-poos the USB option anyways, it was an easy decision since my MBP has an optical S/PDIF output.  I can't join the USB-sounds good/bad argument because I've not heard the Bifrost connected that way   I was happy with the Bifrost before but having...
Thanks to everyone for the detailed instructions.  I managed to upgrade my Bifrost fairly quickly and painlessly as a result!   Now, the old board I had is versioned at 1.11 and is basically a single sided board with the processor really the only surface mounted component:       I noticed earlier in the thread that someone's stock board is actually much more similar to the new one in construction in that it has more surface mounted parts, is dual sided,...
On to headphone holders, I use the Sennheiser HH 10 holders clamped to my desk. Here is a rather good price on these: Can't have enough of these so I ordered a couple more! EDIT: The price was/is $10.69 each, in case it changes and my post no longer seems like a deal! -anson
1. Are you familiar with SACD? DSD?   Yes   2. Do you own any SACDs?    Yes   3. If so, what percentage of your collection is SACD vs CD or files?   I have about a dozen SACDs or hybrid CD/SACD discs.  That is waaaay less than 1% of my music collection, not even noise.   4. Is SACD/DSD decoding an important consideration when you're looking for a DAC?    No   5. If you owned a DAC that could be upgraded to playing SACD/DSD, what would you...
PM sent!
I have the same experience.  I still prefer my HD600 with the Crack but this fantastic amp has really tamed the DT880 600ohm for me so that now I'm probably 70/30 on the HD600 where previously I was 90/10 and thinking about selling the 880.  If you're even remotely considering DIY, I highly recommend the Bottlehead Crack!  
FYI, Living Social has the Sonic for $72 (free shipping) for a week:   The Pivot and Reflex are also on sale.
  I was powering from USB.  Now that you mention it I should try power/battery, too.  I don't have the DT880s right now but I certainly will try that with my HD600s.  When listening on my Macbook Pro, iTunes volume is set to about 90%, power is from USB, gain is high, the comfortable volume for my HD600's is around 12 o'clock.  I haven't actually tried max volume with the HD600s, only the DT880s which got close to begin with.
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