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AKG K712 Pro   LCD-2 Bamboo   Sennheiser HD800 ( used )
How about adding some color to your enclosures?  If you are serious about this I can name a great anodizer for you folks.
I still do not get the distortion at :38, but do hear a slight mic clip at 1:13.  I hear something at 1:57 as well now that I take a second listen.
No distortion here:
Relaxing Bossa Lounge, Volume 12   Killer Queen
Anything from jazz, folk, to rock.  If it is recorded and mastered well I listen to it.
The Brainwavz HM5 pads also fit.  Keep in mind that velour pads subtract a significant amount of bass coupling to your ear so the headphone will not sound as bassy.   These for example:   They feel so good on the ears, but alter the sound signature of the M50 too much for my liking.
Yeah, the compression should add minimal artifacts.  Must be something else here.
Those cables you have linked should work fine, but as a caution you may want to double check the output voltage from the DAC as it may clip the input of the amp.  I run the balanced TRS from my m903 to my BUDA and it works just fine.  You will not get the benefits from balanced input / output, but it should be fine.
It is probably a combination of lossy compression distortion and dynamic range distortion.  Sometimes the artifacts are in the master too.  Welcome to hi-fi!
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