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Perhaps this will help:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/533507/solved-fiio-e7-yet-another-driver-problem-windows-7-x64   Looks like you have to try and find the USB driver that pops up when the device is plugged in and powered up, then uninstall it, then install the drivers fresh.   This video may help too:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLSDQ_Zh0zI
First turn the amp's volume down so you do not blow a speaker or harm your hearing, then increase the volume on your phone to 100% making sure no volume limit has been set on it, then turn up the amp and see if that helps.
Can you explain in more detail how you are connecting your new Sony's to the old amp? What is driving the signal to the amp? Are you using a DAC, playing a CD, or what?   We might be able to help and save you some money because it might be as simple as turning up the volume on the device that is driving the amp ( DAC or portable player for example ).
Not trying to sway to to the 400i, but to me it is a great upgrade especially using the focus A pads. Not sure if those pads will fit on the 400, but if they do you could always give that a try first. The HD800 can be found under $1000 and is on the slightly bright sounding side of neutral. They can be easily modified to diminish the harsh treble which is nice if you end up not liking the treble on the 800.
I honestly have not compared the 560 to 400i, but was going off what others have said about the 560 being the brighter of the two. Just out of curiosity what pads do you have on your 400's? The pads make a significant and important change to the sound. Have you read this review comparing the 400i to the 400? http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-he-400i/reviews/11942 or here http://www.head-fi.org/t/756217/he-400-vs-he400i-vs-fidelio-x2-need-input
Tubes can take a long time to fully warm up so you may want to do your listening test again, but this time let the tubes heat up for at least 2 hours to see if the distortion stabilizes. Do you have another pair of headphones, besides IEMs, that you can try to see if it is the amp or not?   Oh, one last thing, make sure the signal is not clipping on the output by keeping the DAC volume / input device volume between 80%- 100%. If that does not work play around with the...
Why introduce more complexity into your system by needing a special amp. I say if you want something like the HE-400i which I still think is an awesome choice for you go with the HE-560. No special amp needed, nothing major to fail in said amp, and will sound brighter than the HE-400i which it looks like what you are after.
I would love to see the average rating of all the audio gear as listed under the reviews section. I bet it will be above 3.5 stars. Bias is hard to avoid, but sometimes it is just flagrantly wrong. Honesty is key.
It is crazy to read through the reviews here and see that most are 4 stars or above. I always go back and adjust my ratings after a few months to reflect anything I may have found.
I focus on a few things with products that are not that great. First, be sure to focus on the positive when possible. This keeps the review in a lighter mood and makes it more informative. Second, if the product is really bad send a kindly written email to the company that reached out and let them know that due to some major flaws in the product you do not feel comfortable paying a bad review. Be sure to include insightful suggestions for making it better. This should...
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