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The stock cable on my 400i have black connectors and both are TRRS.
Those cables have different connectors on the headphone end. The Amazon one is 2.5mm TRS and the other is 3.5mm TRRS.   Did we ever figure out why the HE-400i has a 2.5mm TRRS connector?
Try running iTunes in 32-bit mode. Right click the iTunes app, Get Info, set the option "Open in 32-bit mode."   That should get you on your way.
You are probably sensitive to the 3.5kHz - 7kHz region. Check out Tyll Hertsens' review of the PM-3's upper treble issues. "This 4-8kHz region can be really horrible sounding if over-accentuated—think piercing sibilance that makes you wince. I've also seen headphones (Philips X2) in which this area is intentionally reduced to make the headphones more pleasant to hear, and it does seem to take the edge off harsh recordings. I wouldn't characterize this as a big problem in...
If it helps at all I have the Grace Design m903 and Bifrost 4490. The m903 does have a much better USB implementation, but honestly running optical I cannot tell the difference between the two amps. The 4490 is a third the cost and of course does not have the amps and preamp sections, but DAC wise the 4490 is excellent to superb. I have also tested the 4490 against a Yggi at a local head-fi meet and the Yggi owner and myself concluded that there are some minor differences...
Is the foam still inside each earcup?
HiFiMAN HE-400i would be at the top of my list. Great sonics, easy to drive, planar bass and wonderfully engaging with a ton of amps. Perhaps not the best pairing with a tube amp.
I would erase your number ASAP as you risk serious spam!!-+
Have you played with the gain switch in the back to see which settings sounds better to you? Be sure to turn the volume down to zero before you switch the settings.
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