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The CAL! is on the weak side for construction, but it does sound nice.
Try:   noontech Zoro II HD Philips Cityscape Downtown Audio Technica ATH-M50
My guess is that they are not sealing correctly in your ear.  Make sure you use a size of eartip that causes them to completely seal in your ear.  Also, when you get them in place make sure they are not folded strangler as to block the port.  Finally, ensure that your earwax is not clogging them up.   What player are you using?  Do you have any EQ settings on?
Give the Philips Cityscape Downtown a try.  They are really nice sounding for the money and you can get them in a few different colors which makes them a tad more fashionable than others in its price range.  The bass goes really low with these, but it will not drown out anything else.   Here is a review:   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/philips-citiscape-downtown
The efficiency ( i.e. sensitivity ) is very important as well.  The higher the impedance the harder a portable will be able to drive the headphone.  Higher impedance typically means less current needed to achieve a specific power.  It is almost always better to error on lower impedance and higher sensitivity.   I would stay below 80 Ohms for Impedance and above 100 dB/mW for sensitivity.
What about the Solo 2?   http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/time-rethink-beats-solo2-excellent
It is a physical phenomenon and it could have something to do with your hearing ( could be sensitive to treble ) or the pressure from the headphones is causing some other issue.
I think you answered your own question.
This is going to sound silly, but put on the headphones without a cable attached and tell us if you hear the hiss.  My idea is that you may have some Tinnitus or the pressure from the X2 for some reason is causing a problem with your ears.   What are you plugging them into?  It could be a bad source, bad music, or some other issue.  Please list your audio chain such as:   PC --> USB --> m903 DAC --> BUDA amp --> noontec Zoro HD II headphones
Artist:   Sade Album:  Diamond Life Track:   Smooth Operator   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA9gUspn6gc
New Posts  All Forums: