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Could the cone be lifting off of the speaker body?  Play the music that causes the clapping and then gently rest your fingers on the cone while the clapping occurs.  If it goes away then the cone may be loose.   It may be just that these speakers distort at those frequencies especially at higher volumes.
They are not going to be an upgrade, more like a side step.
Typically it is better to stay with lower impedance. It really depends more on the sensitivity than impedance. Sensitivity is essentially how easy it is to drive a headphone to a particular loudness. The 250 Ohm or less DT990 is what I recommend. You can read more here:
If you clean them with water they lose their somewhat stiff elasticity.  Perhaps you cleaned them once?
I own quite a few pairs of IEMs and would love to give these a review.   I am always willing to help.
The Thing by The City of Prague Philharmonic   then Pork Chop Express by the same Philharmonic.
Dave Rat, an engineer for bands such as Blink 182 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers conducted some basic tests with headphones while searching for a great live-sounding headphone.   He is a really nice guy and very knowledgeable about sound recording and setting up performance gear.
For those not wanting to open the link it is Daft Punk's RAM.   To me it is electronic symphony.   If you like that try the Game Music by Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà in particular the Halo and Conviction tracks.
I think Tyll gave them a thumbs up as well:   I have read a few complaints about the long-term build quality, but that is about it.
If they are fully function and both drivers sound roughly at the same volume then it does sound like you received a great deal.   How do you like the sound thus far?
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