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I must retract my suggestion of "The Apex Geode" as I will be unable to attend.
It is what is on the inside that matters. Introducing The Apex Geode
The noises you are hearing are from a poorly implemented DAC on the soundcard. I recommend an external DAC that accepts USB to clear up the noise.
The ODAC is another great option. I think JDS Labs has them for sale. For your price point you could go with the ODAC AND O2 amp combo for under $350. If you go go with this setup ensure you select or inform them you want the USB option.
Thanks for the comprehenive post. It is always refreshing to discover new music.
I love the look!   Is this a redesigned driver or is it shared with other Sennheiser headphones?
AKG Q701 is another great headphone in that price point.  It has a wide soundstage, engaging and dynamic presentation, and excellent mids   The Philips Fidelio L1 also sounds very nice and the construction is superb for a headphone under $300   The NAD VISO HP50 is a great closed headphone below $300 that has an excellent and even sounding presentation
M50x They are comfortable, built like a tank, have a slight bass emphasis, and they have a detachable cord. If you keep the pads lotioned they will last 10 years.
I know the Philips Cityscaoe Downtown ( in purple ) looks nice, sounds nice, and is pretty portable. You should be able to find them for under $100. Here is a review as well as the measurements: I own a pair and they sound amazing for the price. My only caveat is that they are on-ear, but I find them comfortable.
If you find a headphone that has a high sensitivity ( > 100 dB / mV ) and the impedance is less than 250 Ohms any headphone in that range should play just fine without an amp.   Do you need them to be portable?   Do you really like extra bass?   Are you going to toss them into a backpack from time to time?
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