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I will be heading to the city for this event and look forward to seeing you all.
The AKG K550 is a great can for sure.  A cheaper option, if a closed headphone is something you are interested in, would be to go with the noontec Zoro II HD.  This can is my current under $100 can.  It sounds awesome being smooth and neutral, but can deliver bass punch if the track has it in it.  They are stylish, collapsable, and come with an in-line mic if you need to use it with a phone.   You can check 'em out...
Welcome back all !!
So without having the original configuration around to test against how do you know for sure that it actually helped?  Also, how do you or anyone else explain why it would make it sound better if that is exactly what you are claiming.   Just trying to understand.
Obliviate by Alexandre Desplat
I think it is important to have three headphones and an IEM for travel.   I like having a open, closed, and portable closed set so I cover everything from reference recordings to bass heavy.  With this in mind I think it would make sense to have a closed headphone in there somewhere.
You should be able to run the "Recorder" out from the PM6005 into an amp.  Without reading the manual or asking the manufacturer I am not sure if this is an analog out or digital nor do I know what output voltage it provides.   Your audio chain could go:   PC ---> COAX or Optical ---> PM6005's Digital Audio In ---> PM6005's Recorder out ---> Headphone amp   You need to make sure that the headphone amp you end up with has the inputs/outputs you want.  For example if...
AKG K712 Pro   LCD-2 Bamboo   Sennheiser HD800 ( used )
How about adding some color to your enclosures?  If you are serious about this I can name a great anodizer for you folks.
I still do not get the distortion at :38, but do hear a slight mic clip at 1:13.  I hear something at 1:57 as well now that I take a second listen.
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