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Good idea. Mine definitely catches.
Have you modified your HD800 yet?
Preferably while playing it on a Native American-style flute in a tunnel.   Check it:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ahJDYZMLjA
A few to try:   Artist: Window Track: Slf Hack Lite Album: Stasis - EP   Artist: Universal Language & Nadja Lind Track: Dub Sessions 1 (Nadja Lind Sickness of the Mind Remix) Album: Golden Karma - Finest Selection of Relaxing Chill out, Yoga Flow, Deep Electronic Ambient and Binaural Meditation   Artist: Taste of Honey Track: Never Tear Us Apart (Robot Needs Oil Remix) Album: Never Tear Us Apart (feat. Lukash) - Single
Music rocks and happy Friday!
What makes you want the other headphone? It is a lacking of bass, midrange, treble, etc? If you narrow it down to what you think you might want we can suggest better options otherwise you might end up with a ton of general guesses as to what you are looking for.
I no longer have the K702 so I cannot comment on how its soundstage compares to the K712, but I suspect the K712 might be less wide because of the added bass.
Three things to try: 1.)  Not all USB ports are treated equally so be sure to try all available ports and see if that helps 2.) Turning off the Power Management for all USB HUB devices in Device Manager can really help. Head into the Control Panel / Device Manager and head down to the USB HUB Devices. Open the tab / expand the items under that heading and right click and turn off Power Management. 3.) Get an externally powered USB hub which will help keep the voltages from...
Why pay the price for a STAX setup when you can get 90% with the 400i? I was at a recent meet and someone who owns the SR-009 even said they found the 400i surprisingly similar and I think if we really debated it the 400i would win out.   Here are some graphs to help illustrate my point:   http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/StaxSR009SNSZ92251KGSS.pdf   http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HiFiMANHE4002014.pdf   See how the 400i has a more even frequency response?...
The Shure 1840 is a great headphone too. It is build like a tank, sound better than average, and is great for mixing. A audio producer of mine bought a pair not too long ago and we both preferred it over the ATH-M50x because the 1840 is more even sounding from bass to treble, better build, and fits more comfortably. Between the 400i and the 1840 to me there is no contest because the 400i is done so well. Is has a faster response ( i.e. quicker to produce soundwaves ) due...
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