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Give this track a listen: Album:TantricArtist:TantricTrack:Hate Me
This answers my question too.
Above is what I have. This is a TRS 6mm to 2.5mm TRS instead other cables I see go from the 6mm TRS to just TS 2.5mm. Anyone know what they use TRS on the headphone side of the cable?
Up for sale is my mint Beyerdynamic A20 amp. I bought it for review and am now selling / trading it.   Ships to: CONUS PayPal only, no gift accepted
Looking to trade my mint SMSL triple stack ( M8 DAC, VA2 Amp, and P1 Linear Power Supply ) worth $300 for a mint Schiit Valhalla 2. Let me know if you want to trade. Here is my listing:
Hey, here are a few tracks to test out your setup, what ever you decide upon. Artist Name : Stephan Baer Track Title : Bay of Bengal Islands of the Orient Artist Name : Yggdrasil Track Title : Beyond the Borders of Sanity Album Title : PROSE EDDA Artist Name : Bella Sonus Track Title : Rincón de España Album Title : Enamoured Enjoy the music my friend.
That setup will not disappoint!
JH Audio 10x3 Pro Three drivers, one for each part of the audio frequency response curve, tuned to not be too bassy or bright. The JH 3x Pro Lower cost than the 10x3 Pro and I'm not sure why.
The pressure wave from the bass can cause fatigue as well as treble found at 1.5kHz, 3kHz, and typically at 7kHz although this varies from listener to listener due to physiology. Some people are so sensitive to bass that it can make them dizzy, but in most cases fatigue is caused by either too high of volume or too much treble.
Unless you fully understand why you need a balanced setup I suggest sticking to a good single ended system. It is simpler, cheaper, and has fewer components getting in the way of your music.
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