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Some amp designs actually require sending the internal grounds to the chassis especially the main ground from the power supply.
The Noontec's are very xomfortable and build quality definitely better than the other headphones you mention. The Momentum and M-100/M-80 are decent sounding, but way overpriced in my book. You are paying for build quality over sound with those two.
Check out Noontec's Zoro II HD which is my favorite on-ear. It sounds awesome. It is very linear from sub-bass to treble and tapers off a tad in the higher frequencies making it easy to listen to for hours.  check out the measurements. Be sure to compare those to any other headphone in the measurements list especially those two or three times the cost.   I also love the Zoro II wireless which comes with cable capability as well as bluetooth.   Here is a link to Tyll...
I have tested and owned several balanced setups and to me there is no major need to upgrade to a balanced system. Typically the technical differemces between balanced and aingle ended (SE) setups are cost, lower measurable noise, and about +6dB more capable volume with a balanced setup. In regards to feeding the Schiit opticsl vs USB I ove the optical option because it completely isolates the DAC from PC EMI and other types of noise. I own a Bifrost myself and love it. I...
It may be a bad transormer because those cause hum.
X2 and HE-400i are both great
Check the battery lead terminals and make sure they are soldered / connected properly.   What if anything do you actually have plugged in when you hear the hum?   To check the voltage you need just measure the battery and then you can use that voltage for your DC power supply.   Sounds like you have a grounding problem. You can try running a wire from the various grounding pins / terminals to something metal that is properly grounded. If the hum goes away you have...
Depends on what you are looking for in a headphone. What do you not like about the M50x? What source / player are you using?   Give us an example of a track that we can check out and see if it your recordings.   I do not think you need to spend more to upgrade as there are plenty of headphones in that price range of the M50x that sound good, but the M50x should sound pretty sweet.
My guess is you are super sensitive to treble especially the 1.5 kHz and 3.5kHz frequencies. You can try to EQ those down and see if that helps.
Could be a number of things, but let's change headphones with the thought that the treble peaks of the HD800 that some find bothersome are causing the problems. So grab a different pair of headphones, preferably one with attenuated treble, and give that a try. Next, try going with a smaller set of headphones that do not rest so far around the ears. Perhaps the pressure around your ears is causing the problem. The upper level Sennheisers tend to sound their best at higher...
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