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Neal Schon's Urban Angel from his I On U album.
You need to find where the noise is coming from.  If it is not on the source material then it is being introduced somewhere else.   Do you hear the noise with nothing playing?
So using USB would work well for you?
I have never done it, but am curious as well.   I did find a video:   The main issue is that I am not 100% sure this bypasses the internal DAC inside the Android device.
Jim Suhler's Dirt Road album.
You could go with the SR-80i and attach purchase the pads from the PS1000 as the pads shape the sound the most instead of the drivers.  I think all of the drivers are basically the same, but the higher priced pairs are more closely matched for channel balance and the pads are changed out.
This thread may help:   You want something that will grab only the digital signal from your phone and run that into an external DAC be it mini USB or another type of connector.  Many cables do not bypass the internal DAC and leave you with both the digital and analog signals this now allowing an external DAC to do its job.
What will you be using it with?  PC or portable player?   What connection would be preferred?  USB, Optical, or RCA.   Why do you like the DACs you have picked because many of us may recommend other DACs taht are known to measure and sound great in your price point.
First, are the headphones you list really for her?  I mean it seems you are trying to upgrade yourself.   If she is not already a budding audiophile then it might make more sense sonically and financially to go with something like the Philips Cityscape Downtown, Koss Porta Pro, or even the ATH-M50X.   This way she can learn what sound signature she really likes and you save money in the process.
Supply and demand my friend.
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