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If you can return them for a refund perhaps look into the JH 10x 3 Pro. I auditioned a ton of IEMs and the JH and Westone lines sounded the most coherent and even sounding. The JH 10x 3 Pro is a three-driver IEM that has no audible crossover issues.
The inherent sound that the driver makes is the same, but how the signal arrives to the driver may change due to the difference in impedance.   The higher impedance headphones especially in the old days were designed to draw less current from the amp so you could string a pile of headphones together onto the same amp in parallel.   These days higher impedance typically means there are more coils of wire in the headphone trying to bring the magnetic field up and pull...
From your measurements the IEMS seem fine compared to the M50.  Perhaps there is a fit issue?  Are the totally secured in your ears and appear to seal?   Second, what source are you feeding the amp with?  Does it have any EQ settings turned on?   From your description:   " I'm also no expert, but it seems there are much more noticeable harmonics on the T1 300MHz and 400MHz measurements. So it puzzles me, these highly expensive IEMs that received pretty good reviews...
AkG K712 Pro does really well with Jazz. Yes, the K712 sounds better than tge Q701.
The trick with using EQ is to EQ down all other frequencies excect the one you wish to emphasize. Leave the bass frequency at +0dB and lower the other frequencies down to -4dB, then use the volume to control the loudness level. Moving EQ up more than +2dB almost always leads to distortion.
It is nice to see and hear you laugh, Jude.  Let the excitement flow through you.
Keb Mo:  Life is Beautiful The last track I will list for you all here that is a must have with the K712.
Here are some fun tracks for the K712:   Isis:  Pliable Foe This track has some excellent kick drum that the K712 really excels with displaying   The Spanish Guitar Music Collection:  Vivaldi Guitar and Lute Showing off the midrange with this track   Imogen Heap:  Propeller Seeds (Instrumental) If you enjoy detail this track is for you   Julie London:  Desafinado (Slightly Out of Tune) Test out the soundstage of your gear with this track   Enjoy my friend!
It is something with iTunes because the older version did not suffer this fate.
Good idea! +1
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