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Check this link out:
My first guess is to try a USB 2.0 port because it sounds like a USB 3.0 problem.  Keep trying ports until it works.  If that is not the solution then the driver is probably bad either for the DAC or for the USB hub devices.  You may have to try updating the drivers, first the DAC then the USB hub devices on your motherboard, to get this fixed.   My final advice is to try removing any power management on the USB hub devices installed on your PC.  This can help with DAC...
Body & Soul (Original Mix)   by   Beat Syndrome
Flagships or rehashes of the M50 and AD2000?
Glad it is functioning well and thanks for posting your solution!
It appears that the DAC is actually working around the volume controls of the PC which should be a good thing as that is kinda what a DAC is supposed to do.   Here is what Ayre has said about this issue:
The 215 is the most bassy with nicely rolled off treble while the 315 remains the most neutral sounding.  The 315 does roll off really fast in the treble and may not be the best choice for treble intense music.   Here is a graph to help show what I hear:[]=3251&graphID[]=3261&graphID[]=2741&scale=30   My vote goes for the 315 or if you can stretch the budget the 535 as it is definitely worth the wait...
Looks interesting, but it does not look like a typical Ayre product.  I mean Ayre gear always looks extremely high quality and this thing, as it stands in the photo, appears to be a demo or prototype.
Sounds like a grounding problem to me.  My guess is the solder is either weak or simply not adequate to hold the ground wire to the jack.  How the ground connection from the jack on various other female jacks, on your other devices, explains why it appears to function at times and not at others.
When you play music through the DAC, in a player for example, do you have the device selected?
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