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Can you hear above 20 kHz?
Thanks for the video, Jude!
Great choice as well.  I really like the sound from this headphone.  It is even, clean, and a bit forward which is excellent for vocals and guitar.
It is not the impedance that is the thing to look at with most headphones.  It is the sensitivity.  This tells more about how difficult the headphone is to drive.  Impedance tells more about how it will perform in the bass and how fast it will drain your battery.  At 55 Ohms there really is nothing to worry about.  The AKG 240 has a sensitivity of 104 dB / V which is typical for a portable setup.  You will have no problems driving them to pretty darn loud levels.
I like your choices and would add the Noontec Zoro II HD to the list.  These are an on-ear headphone that can be found for under $100.  They sound excellent for the price.  From bass to treble they sound balanced, fun, and enjoyable.  They are a closed headphone so you will not bother your neighbors with what you are listening to.  They come in a variety of colors making them stylish in addition to great sounding.   Here are a few links you might find...
Yes, this happens with a ton of amps.  Just make sure the volume is turned down to 0% when you plug in your headphones.
Try a different USB port.  Also turn off any Power Management for the USB Hub Devices by going into Device Manager and opening Universal Serial Bus controllers.  Rock click the Generic USB Hubs and tab over to the far right.  Uncheck and power management.
For the most part burning in a headphone to make it sound better / different is mostly a proven myth.   That said it does bring up a few things to keep in mind with a new headphone:   1.)  Giving the headphone enough time to have any epoxies used to fully cure is a good idea.  The manufacturing process should take this into account already, but if you are looking to baby your new headphone give them a day or two to rest after they arrive.   2.)  Our brains are tricky...
Great point!
Have you seen this:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/best-collection-chinese-traditional/id210381464
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