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Yes this can be used as a headphone out, but it would great to have the output impedance of the headphone back in hopes that it is below 10 Ohms.
Classical sounds great with the 400i, but because they are revealing it will show you how bad recordings really sound. Here are two classical tracks I like with the 400i: Artist: London Philharmonic Orchestra & David ParryAlbum: The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical MusicTrack: String Quintet In e Major, Op. 13: Minuet Artist: Gino D'AuriAlbum: Audiophile Reference I - Classical MusicTrack: Guajira Antiguan
The soundstage is meh, but to me it is more important to have a good closed headphone for positional cues rather than an open headphone that I have to turn up too loud just to hear footsteps.
I am still enjoying the HE-400i and have a track recommendation for those out there looking for some new music to enjoy with their pair.   Album: Amkeni Artist: Bukuru Celestin & Snarky Puppy Track: Shima   The detail, bass, and overall presentation of this track with the HE-400i will really make it shine.
If you are gamer looking for a new headphone that will not break the bank nor will it require a separate amp the Razer BlackShark is a great option. I replaced my TurtleBeach X12 with it because the x12 is has poor build quality. The BlackShark is a closed headphone with detachable microphone. It is terminated into a 3.5mm jack plug with fits right into an Xbox One controller or headphone adapter. The build quality is wonderful, but I will provide one caveat in that it...
@ Fafner   Awesome!
Could be dust or moisture on the drivers, but is most likely a parasitic charge somewhere and after everything is fully warmed up it should go away.  Does your amp have a way to balance the channels because a good E-stat amp will usually have some way of balancing the sound because this issue is so common.   If you think it is the amp you should have the trimpots checked to make sure they match and then verify the DC offsets.   If you think it is the headphone see if...
Too much to ask for the same measurements of non R2R DAC from Schiit you may have? Or another DAC in its price point? It it always useful to have something to compare it to.
I think you will be hard pressed to improve the DAC performance improvement over the Modi2 because it is designed to sound and perform outstanding. Even going from the Bifrost 4490 to the Yggi I found the Bifrost sounded more clear and had the same extension both in treble and bass. I think your money will be better spent of new headphones and music than a DAC. Plus, if you "upgrade" but sell your Modi2 before you get a new DAC how will you be able to test for youself any...
Both, but primarily on XBOX One.
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