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I find Tyll's review a bit biased and subjective to his preference... He can say a headphone is bad because he does not like.. at least thats my observation on him.. plus I dont really like graphic measurements as review instrument. as for Headfonia, they are a little more objective not the most accurate reviews but objective especially Mike's reviews. Lieven's review on the other hand is a bit polarized. for that I prefer Headfonia cheers,
ultrasone hfi 580 or ATH Pro700mkII... both have some decent isolation, not the best though. or Sennheiser HD25-1 II for more isolation, its a supraaural though     cheers,
portapro.. the bass on the xb300 is an issue rather than a feature.. its sloppy, jm2cents     cheers,
wow these look nice... I hope they will be as affordable as the little brother, we need some affordable entry level options right now.. as all the new headphones are the top of the line and super expensive nowadays. thanks for sharing!     cheers,
don't confused Sound quality with sound signature though... I think it is fine that you like the signature sound of a cheaper headphones, but it doesn't mean you can't find a similar sound character or close to it in better quality though. jm2c     cheers,
  yea but with that aside, most of the nc or bt headphones are expensive and not that great in sound.. only a few that can managed to achieve success (senn rs220, mm450, psb m4u, polk) where some failed (beats studio, some bose's and hundreds other lol)... that left me thinking that all the expensive pricing is caused by the featured technology and not the sound. although it is still yet to be known how they will perform, I'm just hoping the sound is worth the price. and...
they are interesting... but ummm noise cancelling and bluetooth? I hope they did not justifies the prices on those features instead of the sound..
what intrigued me is the actual appearance of this headphone itself... unlike the counterparts or should I say twins Fischer FA003/HM5/Yoga/Lindy/Jaycar this has a slightly different cup metal plates. not that it matters much if at all, I just found it kind of interesting. great review btw     cheers,
for movies and such.. DT770pro is a good choice, it has a pretty decent soundstage, and quite a nice sound, a little recessed in the midrange but not too abrupt. might be a little on the high note and treble though.   for an allrounder headphone, my suggestion is the m50.. the 840 is also a good alrounder but the m50 is more fun sounding in my opinion. the 940 is alittle too dry and flat imo     cheers,
probably what swbf meant was when he tried the 438 with the same volume as with the 485 it is less louder, in a way that you can crank up the volume a little more to get a good level of listening volume. it just shows how specs can be misleading sometimes. but no matter how, an audio player can almost always certainly drive a headphone rated at around 32ohm.   so whether the 205 is louder or not, I dont know, but I'm sure that both are easily driven straight out of a...
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