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Thanks for checking it out. Maybe some app I had on it clashes with the new firmware but was ok with the old.
I have had 1.14 on my Japanese ZX1 for a couple of days and I've found an annoying bug. If you're playing music and the headphone cable is removed it stops the player which is normal but now when this happens the hard play/fwd/rwd all stop working until you restart the player. I tried checking the menu to see if they were locked but the box wasn't ticked, I put it on and off anyway but no good. Anyone else having the same issue?
Having had a ZuneHD (still using) I would recommend a Sony NWZ-ZX1(128gb) or F887(64gb). Meets all the criteria although the battery life could be better. My ideal player would be a ZuneHD that sound and a capacity of the Sony NWZ-ZX1. Astell and Kern AK100 is also very good but not as nice to use although has better battery life. Good luck
Somebody may have mentioned already but it reminds me of the old iRiver players, like the T-60, with its toblerone shaped body.
I managed to resist until they made the green ones.
If you want a good sounding easy to use DAP that is a little outdated in terms of newer HiRes players, yes. It probably still as one of the best UIs around. Pretty sure they aren't still being made but mine is still going strong.
What is "better". Better for HiRes files C3. Easier to use and you'll only use for mp3 or similar files Zune HD. There are probably others available.
Two very different players. Zune HD is a bit old but sounds good and very easy to use but no memory card slots. I don't have a C3 but its sound specs and file/resolution specs are better only 8gb built in but has a card slot.
I also got mine shipped to Australia with Price Japan via EMS. Great service and way cheaper than ebay.   ZX1 sounds terrific for jazz and indeed all acoustic music. Sounds like the upright bass player is standing in the room. In fact everything I've listened to on it sounds fantastic although I haven't tried anything really heavy yet.   I was expecting to like this player but not as much as I do.
I've had a pair for a couple of months now. I find them to be very comfortable and a fun listen. Warm sounding and detailed although not as detailed as some others. They look kind of old school like they should come with a curly cord, bean bag and a lava lamp, I like the look but wouldn't walk down the street with them on. They also don't fold and don't come with a hard case. They do however sound better and can be worn for longer than some more expensive headphones.
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