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 I unfortunately see a couple things with mine that seem "rushed".At least one of the ear pieces has finger print marks in the acylic itself.  These do not was off and are under the final "clear coat" layer or what ever is put over the writing/art.Also on the inside of the case there are several finger prints of dried glue on the bottom of the case.  Likely from glue on the fingers when gluing the clear plastic "negative" holders to the carbon fiber.  Also some shoddy glue...
Sorry Pal, but their customer service related to the Roxanne is relevant.  Since these haven't been released yet, there is no new information about them and yet this thread is 136 pages long.I've tried calling JH audio and am told the only one who can help me/give me info for some reason is Corbyn.  Apparently no one else is in the know about this product.  That right there is a poor strategy for your flagship product. Well, I just got an automated call from FedEx I have a...
 Paying over $1500 for an item shouldn't require giving them "slack". All they'd have to do is send out regular emails to their customers updating them of what is going on and giving realistic expectations of when they're going to be shipping.I just ordered a pair of Shure SE846 from Amazon. Once they arrive if I like them I'm cancelling my JH order.
Well then maybe I should post here to get mine  I have to say that I've found their customer service to be absolutely horrible.  I had nothing but trouble when I was ordering these after CanJam.  They never got back to me and trying to get a hold of their person handling these orders (Corbyn) was the most difficult I've ever had from a company. Now that they're over a month late they've never given me an email to update me on the status of shipping.  Every time I do...
I'm moving and getting rid of some of the speakers/electronics I've been collecting for years.  All speakers are in very good to excellent condition.  Photos available on request.   Polk RTI A5 floor standing speakers in cherrywood $350/pair (orig $800) Polk RTI A6 center speaker in cherrywood $200 (orig $400) Polk Monitor 50 floor standing speakers in cherrywood $150/pair Polk PSW10 subwoofer in cherrywood $50
Selling my B&Ws.  Haven't been using these since upgrading to Zu Essences.  These are a fantastic sounding pair of bookshelf speakers.  Overal in excellent condition.  Would rate conservatively 7/10 due to a couple of scratches on the side of one of the speakers.  Comes with original box and paperwork.
Selling my NAD 533 turntable.  This is an excellent introductory turntable.  It's a Rega P2 clone that comes with a RB250 tonearm and a Goldring Elektra cartridge.  I got it new and it has probably less than 100 hours on it.   The NAD 533 is basically an OEM Rega 2 with a RB250 tonearm and MDF platter.  The P2 is no longer made but this would be a step up from the basic Rega RP1.   As far as condition, there is one nick on the finish of the platter (see...
I will be there Saturday.  Flying in from Boston.
I haven't sold it yet, but I'm not sure I want to.  It's just too good of an amp to sell for peanuts.  If you're really interested PM me.
Bump, still available
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