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 differences vs the old ones?
 Where'd you get that case? Looks so thin I can't even see it!
 This was perhaps THE album that got me hooked on jazz. My favorite track is My Man's Gone Now. The three musicians play as though with the same consciousness. 
  What I am trying to do is avoid using the battery's 500 charges by leaving it plugged into the USB port of my computer while listening at my computer (where I do most of my listening). Does this make any sense?
Anyone else waiting on a Campfire order and unable to log onto their account? 
 Do you know if it bypasses the battery when plugged in like a laptop? Since most of my listening is done at my laptop this would save the battery long term.
I have never had any problem with the Flares and have owned them about 9 months. However I've been lucky to have avoided snagging and yanking them on something too bad. If you treat them well and get a little lucky I see no reason they shouldn't last. But by appearance you probably should coddle them.
Any verdict on whether or not leaving this plugged in while playing will lengthen the battery life expectancy by reducing the charge cycles?
 Is there a standby mode? Mine just seems to play when I leave it alone, killing battery.
 That was short lived. After restarting the volume slide defaulted back to normal.
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