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So your preference for one mid fi IEM you've tried over other hi fi IEMs you've tried leads you to question the value of all hi fi IEMs? And then you get mad when people don't respond to your poorly titled thread that reaches a broach conclusion based on a limited sample?
 It needs something a little bright to cut the warmth. The Geek Out 450 - FW01 sounds really really good.
 Damn. I'm trying to get them to replace mine because of the busted filter. Wish me luck.
 What happened last time?
 I think his point was that some might criticize him for using high end gear for music not even generated by real instruments.
 Thanks! I always knew about Pepper but never listened to him. Great, soulful music.
 So is it a big risk? Worth returning to Japan to fix?
 I was tempted by this when it came out but I heard the UI was basically unusable. Not so? I don't need feature rich UI, but I do need usable UI.
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