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 Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was referring to the X3 after listening to the Alien. By comparison the X3 sounds congested and "2d". 
My Alien has been sent back for replacement and I'm back on the X3.    The X3 sounds so crude by comparison. The sound is just all clumped together.   I have to say the hype is real. It's been hit or miss for me on some of the cheap hype Chinese/HK stuff. Loved the Tenores, didn't like the Havi B3s, but the Alien is really legit.     And not having a screen has been a pleasant experience actually. I'm listening to whole albums again and don't have another...
This is not only related to the Rockets, but I figure I'll ask here because I own them.   How do vertical and depth sound stage work on an IEM that can rotate in the ear 360 degrees?
 I have a hard time imagining vocals sounding much better then on the Rockets. I also have a hard time imaging a much better built and good fitting IEM.
 I am going to strongly disagree. I think most of that fusion sounds dated now an more a vehicle for technical showing off then making great music. I'd make an exception for return to forever Connors but still I don't think its anywhere as trail blazing and timeless as Bitches Brew. But music is obviously subjective.
 To be fair, critics accused Bitches Brew and even In a Silent Way of not being jazz either when they came out. I think jazz suffers from being too exclusive rather than inclusive, though Amon Tobin is clearly not jazz but is a good entry into jazz for non jazz people. I listened to a lot of his stuff when I was getting into jazz.
 I would love to hear what you think approaches Bitches Brew in the electronic jazz realm.
But really I should have started with Miles Davis Bitches Brew. Its basically the first electronic - jazz hybrid and towers over anything that has come since.     
This sounds more like Tobin but is more pop than Jazz.    
@ NoxNoctum   Try the Moritz von Oswald Trio. This live track with legendary drummer Tony Allen is a good start  
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