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This is probably too late but I think there's a significant unexploited market for a sleek, user friendly hi fi dap in the 500 dollar range.   In the past there were plenty of people into hi fi who were audiophile dorks. Now that audio has gone portable, those people are willing to spend money for a good sound player but want it to look good and work easily too.   The DAP wouldn't cater to audiophile nerds with features like USB OTG or DAC function. It wouldn't need to...
 Do you think this will knock the price of the other Heaven's down?
 Its not so obvious that someone who isn't a headphone nut would notice it, so I'm not sure its a defective. I got them from Ebay seller bigbargainonline. Great service. Unfortunately I don't think I can return them anymore because I got them in June/July.
Currently I'm using the Zero Audio Tenore but I'm looking to upgrade. Can anyone compare the FAD Heaven V to the Tenore? I like the Tenore SQ wise but I think its a little too polite and separation isn't great.   Also, is there anywhere to get the V non-aging at a reasonable price? The cheapest I see is $280 whereas the Aging version can be had for $235.
After being a bit disappointed and not listening to these for a while I tried them again yesterday.    I'm still struggling with them. I find the bass terrible, not in quantity but in quality. Its murky and has really bad tonality IMO. Upright bass for example sounds dreadful. In general there's just something off about these to me. Instruments don't really sound real to me, everything sounds a bit like its muffled or underwater.    The soundstage is excellent though.
Here are a few of the tracks that got me hooked on jazz years ago.               
Any comparison with the X3?
wait for the new fiio.
Thank you both. I had it up for awhile and lowered the price slowly to $150 but another poster told me it was too low and I should repost with better pictures.    Anyway, good to hear that sales do happen even when the ad has been up for a long time.
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