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 Why should Sony compete with all the other players on the market?  Also, a longer battery life means a longer player life as your battery wont wear out as fast. 
I'm glad the ZX2 is focuses on driving easy to drive, sensitive IEMS well rather than try to do everything OK. It pairs brilliantly with my CA Andromedas giving wonderful sound, little hiss and about 40 hours of battery life/.   If you want something that drives big cans, get another player. If you want an excellent source for IEMs and value battery life, the ZX2 is great. 
 Oh sorry I misunderstood you. I thought you meant the upgraded version of the Andromeda with rounder corners which doesn't exist yet.
According to Ken from CFA there is no upgraded version.
 Yes, I have the Campfire Andromedas. 
 Use it with my IEMs. Won't it work?
Any idea on an adapter that would work well with this 2.5 TRRS cable? It's already L shaped so it should be straight and short.   https://www.campfireaudio.com/product/tinsel-wire-cable/
 Thanks! Finally picked one up. Do I remember correctly that I have to create a folder called "Music" on the card?
 Yeah sorry not trying to be a PIA. Not even sure why I brought it up anyway.  Continuing... 
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