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 It's great. The ZX2 is maybe the best dap for sensitive IEMs. So rather than getting a DAP that is a compromise on SQ by spreading itself too thin trying to please everyone, the ZX2 is great at one thing. 
I wish sony would have made two version like this: one clunky high powered one for people who want to use hard to drive headphones portably (why?) and one small svelte lower powered version for people who use IEMs.
 Thanks. Interesting that the new ones lack treble extension compared to the older version. That was my one complaint about the pros - that they lack a bit up top.
 I mean compared with the original R2s.
Are there purported changes in SQ or just BQ?
 Cool, thanks. What's the effect on SQ? 
Is there any way to control the ZX2 through your laptop via bluetooth or wifi? I want to leave it across the room near speakers while I'm working from my laptop.
 Have you disabled the sound settings?
 OK if it is more battery efficient I'm on board. Walkman OS. Smaller size. Same battery life. Same sound.
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