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+100 BB seems to want to make the Alien more like every other DAP. Why not just get one of those then?
Am I imagining things or is driver 3.26 a downgrade SQ wise? Smoother but less detailed and dynamic? Just got a new computer and had to reinstall.
 320 MP3s are not always available either and if they included MP3s some people would bitch about AAC. Some compromise was going to have to be made to get that kind of SQ and form factor for 200 dollars. Using two formats the limit the amount of decompression need I think was a good price cutting and SQ decision.
Also I here zero hiss with the Flare IEMs. But I didn't with the old Alien either.
I can confirm most of Loquah's impressions, though I haven't A/B'd the two units much as I only have one micro-SD card with me.    To my non-expert ears this is not an insignificant sonic upgrade that you have to strain to hear and question if it's a placebo. In fact, in an industry built on hype it's refreshing how coy Shozy was about this latest Alien. (And how coy the pricing is too).   The sound is both quite a bit more detailed and transparent but also a little...
 Yeah, Ballard's drumming on this is fantastic. I'm a sucker for a groove and he lays it on.
Can't stop listening to this.   
 Nice, thanks.
 Thanks! Sounds like an open version of the R2Pros then, which to my ears have better mids resolution and treble extension then the R2As. 
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