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 Better SQ. Less battery drain. Being able to play from a source that doesn't have bluetooth.
Can you connect two units for stereo with wires?
 I just went from SE to TRRS with my ZX2 and the improvement was greater than I expected.
How do the Andros sound balanced compared to SE?
Just saw these guys live - great show and a completely singular and strikingly modern band. Here's a track from their latest album, which is superb.     
Judging the value of dap just based on it's chip seems foolish. There's a lot more that goes into making a dap sound good than the type of chip used and consequentially a lot more to the cost than the price of the chip which I suspect in most cases is only a small fraction of a daps cost.
 What would you say is the breakdown of types of music you listen to? Do you listen to jazz?
 Sounds like you're saying I need to have both.  
 What about instrument separation? Soundstage is obviously in the Andros favor which is important for orchestral music. Similarly good treble gives the details that make acoustic instruments sound real - e.g. the sound fingers on a guitar strings.
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