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 Oh you got them? How do they compare with the complys? Is there a filter on them?
Man going from the R2As to the Tenores I feel like a king being thrown out on the street. I always liked the Tenores a lot and in fact they made me a little embarrassed to have paid 4 times as much for the Rockets. But the R2As are just so much more realistic in every way. With the Tenores I'm again always aware that I'm listening to tiny little IEMs.
Ugh. I just ordered the R2pros and now I can't find my R2As. I think its the universe punishing me for my excess.
 We have no idea what kind of margins they have on the Pros. They have to mill titanium extraordinary precisely which apparently is super costly. 
 1. Just let it play. 2. Long press forward or back.3. Long press down three times. This is a bit finicky so you have to experiment.
 Would you rank either of them on your favorite's list in your signature? I've owned both the Tenores and Rockets and think the R2As blow them away.
Don't think I can resist the R2Pros. I love the R2As and if the Pros are even just a bit better I hope to retire from HeadFi.    I'm hoping the R2Pros will handle complex passages a little better than the As which get a little muddled in  complex sections such as this (starting around 4:30).       
 Thanks. Wonder if they fit the Flares. Also I couldn't find them with filters. Comply's really have such ****ty durability but work so perfectly with the Flares. Ugh.
Anyone try the flare silicone tips yet? I'm ordering some, hoping to kick the expensive comply habit.
So one of my second pair of comply tips has started to go after about 2 weeks. It's breaking where all the others broke, cracking at and inside the tips.    Any way to extend the life of complys?
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