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 I just sold them to pay for the R2As. I'm hoping for a fuller, bigger sound and a little bit bass heavier sound for on the go.
Finally for now, a great tune for a lazy summer afternoon.  
    Love the Pretty Woman bassline with the Lonely Woman melody. And Zorn sure can screech. 
I'm holding out for diamond IEMs.
Flare is really pushing the Pro. Their latest update quoting the Headfonia review is basically all about the Pro.    I hope for their sake (but not for the consumers!) this isn't like a hifiman re400 vs re600 situation where the re400 is just so good for the price it overshadows the only somewhat better but much more expensive (initially) re600.
 Great. Sounds like I'm going to be able to hold out and not upgrade from the R2A to the pro.
If we're taking requests, how does this sound on the R2? In particular, how does it handle the transients?   
 The Beoplay H6 are somewhat similar but they have a nasty peak (to my ears) in the lower treble region that gets irritating. 
Yeah the one in depth review was the headfonics one which is a little too subjective for my liking with adjectives like yummy used to describe the SQ.
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