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wait for the new fiio.
Thank you both. I had it up for awhile and lowered the price slowly to $150 but another poster told me it was too low and I should repost with better pictures.    Anyway, good to hear that sales do happen even when the ad has been up for a long time.
So I've been trying to sell a pair of k545s for over a month with now luck. I've never made a trade on the forum before an therefore have no reputation points. I think my price is reasonable, my photos clear and the details should all be there.    How do you make your first sale when you have no rep points?
Agreed.    There should be three headphone sub-forums: iems, portable HPs and home HPs.
Selling my AKG K545s as they're no longer my preferred headphone. In good condition with original packaging. Minor scuff mark on one side (see picture).   Price is $165 including paypal fee and shipping.    Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy shopping!
 Yeah I have that sticker. Its not bloated, its just I can't hear any details or dynamics in the bass. For example, its not obvious whether or not I'm listening to an upright bass or an electric bass. 
 Yeah, pretty sure. Got it from bigbargainonline. I remember there was a "pro 1" hand written somewhere on the packaging. I'll try those tips. I may just have unrealistic expectations. I was looking for an IEM version of the Mikros 90 which have exceptional clarity. Someone recommended these. They just don't seem very clear/transparent so far. Kind of murky. 
I just got these and something seems off. The SS and separation sounds great, but the tonality is off, especially bass and lower mids. They sound like they're underwater or something. Upright bass in jazz for example lacks detail - its just of a nondescript thud.  I'm driving them with the X3 on high gain.
Is there a lot of variation in sound signature between these? I had one pair, liked it a lot but found it a just a hair thin and bass light. It broke, I returned it and now I'm getting great bass and a full, rich and dare I say very near perfect sound. 
 Yeah I didn't get this either. They are very smooth, maybe sometimes too much so. Brass instruments don't have quite enough bite.
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