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Which tips help most with treble extension? 
Selling my HRT Microstreamer II. Do not have original packaging but can provide USB and RCA cables if needed. Asking USD 65 shipped including paypal fee.
SOLD. Selling my trust Fiio X3 with original packaging (no USB cable or case) with a 128 GB Sandisk microSD card. Asking USD ### including shipping and paypal fee.    Please PM me with any questions. 
I didn't know Terry had that kind of personality. Jazz today could use a few guys like that who are really talented but don't take it so seriously. I think I lot of non-jazz people are turned off by the fact that the music isn't that fun.
Seconded. Stock tips work great for me too.
Nice. Here's one.  
Has anyone used the 450 with the Aurisonic Rockets? Is there the noise problem?
This right here.   The 450 model looks more tempting to me because I don't need a full watt and its 100 dollars cheaper.
Judging by reviews the Geek Out seems like it might sound similar. Anyone have both?
Any suggestions on a similar sounding (and priced) portable DAC+AMP as the Shozy?
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