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 I feel that the Wyrd was an incredible bridge for the curious into the world of enthusiast audio.It rectified many of the problems of poor USB sources when it was the only interface available. It did it without having to invest in specialised sources which were, and still are to many, far and way above what many can afford to spend on audio.I think I can safely say that those who had bought into the original Modi/Magni stacks would be the ones with sources rife with...
I have received an e-mail asking for confirmation of address.
Good thing I'm of Chinese descent. I have three months til the Lunar New Year!
Now a brushed aluminium (NOT aluminum) keyboard, I would definitely pay...a reasonable price for?
If you've got an amperage drop across anything, you have a current leak.Clearly you don't have much experience with LEDs even if you mean 2 amps through them.With readily available low voltage SMDs, 2 amps with a 3.2V voltage drop puts the out the same amount of light as a 60W incandescent bulb.
It should be really simple to detach them and give them a wash. Warm water and hand soap should be gentle enough.
Is there actually any reason to buy an Asgard 2 over the Jotunheim?
 Basically an unnecessary term for headroom & linearity.
You can. Just disassemble your Schiit, lay out the metal and spray paint it.
I just received mine a week ago. Can we please know which ones are? Is there a serial number after which all have been updated?
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