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Is there actually any reason to buy an Asgard 2 over the Jotunheim?
 Basically an unnecessary term for headroom & linearity.
You can. Just disassemble your Schiit, lay out the metal and spray paint it.
I just received mine a week ago. Can we please know which ones are? Is there a serial number after which all have been updated?
 Your definition of fun doesn't match mine. I must be getting old. V-shaped signatures have never been fun for me. My 'fun' is a more in-your-face, slightly shouty and involved signature.I apologise as my qualitative audio language is not up to par as I'm more used to processing with numbers in the frequency and time domain, which don't mean much to some people here. Which DT880 are you using and with what amp to get those results? There is a factor of 10 difference in...
If the DT880's uncomfortable for you, how do you sleep on your pillow at night? Haha, just joking. The DT880's and the K7xx have different sound signatures, the former is a lot more detailed, crisp and precise with a massive soundstage, the latter is much more 'fun', punchy and involved.
Nice. Very nice.   I here I thought I was happy with a HD650, K7XX and DT880. It never ends. 
My brief comments on the sound signature in comparison to the HD650 and DT880 250ohm off a Schiit Asgard through a RME DAC.   DT880 - absolute detail monster.   HD650 - smooth, lush, beautiful.   K7XX - loud, punchy, dynamic, fun.   Currently really satisfied with my trifecta.
That board house must be thanking Schiit for their kids' college education. Ever thought there'd be a point where you might buy them over / set up your own?
It's the 15th here. You peeps need to hurry and catch up already.
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