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It's the 15th here. You peeps need to hurry and catch up already.
If you're looking for a combined mic pre and AD converter you'd be hard pressed because most decent pres are designed for a pro market with a separate 'proper' AD conversion section. The all in ones like Blue Icicle intended for budding vlogists and YouTube artists looking for a cheap entry into the market.I'm most impressed with my Black Lion Auteur for performance for the money. But there's pres like the focusrite ISA one which are really nice without having to fork out...
Any chance of seeing a Thunderbolt DAC upgrade? Looking for a live performance device with absolutely no discernable (sub-ms) latency and balanced outs. I'm looking at you, Gungnir.
Yup, padded side facing in.
Target Product: Sound Blaster E5 Head-fi Username: morethansense Location: Perth, Australia Do you own any similar products? If yes, which: ​Portable amps: Cayin C5, PA2v2, edit: AT-PH50BT on its way. Devices that I will review with: SE846, Noble Audio 4, AKG K7XX, Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm iPod Nano 7th Gen, OnePlus One, Windows PC Link(s) to a previous review(s): ​Audio-related: Denon D510 Non-audio (more recent): Solarforce S2200...
 I'm basically envisioning a SYS on 'roids.Asgard/Bifrost/Lyr sized chassis. Combo TRS/XLR inputs! 3 selectable outputs with independent mixes. Think pro-audio 'Sends on Faders' type. Touch to select input, press (the only) encoder to mute/unmute selected, turn for levels. And of course, nice bright white LEDs for attenuation indicators on the front.
 I personally use MyUS.comI have never tried anything else so I can't say if they're the best or cheapest per se, but they haven't failed me once for five orders the past year with with a total value of over USD 3 grand.I've shipped my phone, pre-amps, AD/DA converters, microphones. No issues whatsoever.
  If/when my set come apart like that, I'd use the opportunity to change the cables, relief and slider.
 Yeah I don't think it was meant to be hot-swappable.I've already bent the pins on my Noble 4 though, I don't like how the pins aren't supported by shell housing around the plastic part of the plug.
Not quite sure I agree with your mmcx opinion . my 215s have lasted 4 years of running abuse with no sign of wear.
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