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(Insert facetious comment about the multitude of off-topic chatter here.) This is me doing a comparison (series of vague one-liners) of audio signatures between the K7XX, DT880 (250 ohm) and the Soundmagic HP200.All through a Schiit Asgard (original flavour) via Antelope Orion 32.  [[SPOILER]]  The 880s have been my go to cans for years for relaxed private listening, and were my first non-closed headphone. To me, they're clean, sweet and not too dry.In comparison to the...
 Did it, hated it, undid it.
But it's not just ones and zeroes a DAC is working with, correct?
The linearity/sensitivity of any electrical component is affected by temperature because of physical reasons. Especially semiconducting devices used in digital electronics.
I can confirm that the T-500 fit pretty much perfectly.
I bought the Comply T500 in medium.   I found the yellow-cored stock tips (the largest ones) fit me best (best sound), but I couldn't seem to get any to fit comfortably and with confidence that they wouldn't drop out. With the Complies, I don't push it in up to the IEM body, simply up against the notch. Whether wearing them up or down, the housing doesn't seem to budge at all with vigorous head-shaking and needs no readjustment. No veiling of sound audible to me.
Received mine two days ago in metro Australia.   S/N: 000185   Been burning-in by playing music at loud-but-listenable levels for at least 20 hours. No rattle of any kind.     Coming from the DT880 250ohms, Soundmagic HP200 and Event 2030 monitors, I took the foam rings off. Then immediately put them back on.
  What downside? Sounds like a great foundation for a massive mansion to me!
Seems like a Schiit Asgard/Valhalla would be great with these.
 Are they sitting in the same position on your head? Newton's Third Law means that forces on both sides should be at least very very close as I don't see much lateral force coming from the band. It's most probably a pressure issue. Some memory foam only reacts at a certain temperature range. Is it very cold where you live? Maybe the earpads aren't uniform and one has rotated so there is more pressure in different zones. Has someone punched you in the side of the head?...
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