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  If/when my set come apart like that, I'd use the opportunity to change the cables, relief and slider.
 Yeah I don't think it was meant to be hot-swappable.I've already bent the pins on my Noble 4 though, I don't like how the pins aren't supported by shell housing around the plastic part of the plug.
Not quite sure I agree with your mmcx opinion . my 215s have lasted 4 years of running abuse with no sign of wear.
(Insert facetious comment about the multitude of off-topic chatter here.) This is me doing a comparison (series of vague one-liners) of audio signatures between the K7XX, DT880 (250 ohm) and the Soundmagic HP200.All through a Schiit Asgard (original flavour) via Antelope Orion 32.  [[SPOILER]]  The 880s have been my go to cans for years for relaxed private listening, and were my first non-closed headphone. To me, they're clean, sweet and not too dry.In comparison to the...
 Did it, hated it, undid it.
But it's not just ones and zeroes a DAC is working with, correct?
The linearity/sensitivity of any electrical component is affected by temperature because of physical reasons. Especially semiconducting devices used in digital electronics.
I can confirm that the T-500 fit pretty much perfectly.
I bought the Comply T500 in medium.   I found the yellow-cored stock tips (the largest ones) fit me best (best sound), but I couldn't seem to get any to fit comfortably and with confidence that they wouldn't drop out. With the Complies, I don't push it in up to the IEM body, simply up against the notch. Whether wearing them up or down, the housing doesn't seem to budge at all with vigorous head-shaking and needs no readjustment. No veiling of sound audible to me.
Received mine two days ago in metro Australia.   S/N: 000185   Been burning-in by playing music at loud-but-listenable levels for at least 20 hours. No rattle of any kind.     Coming from the DT880 250ohms, Soundmagic HP200 and Event 2030 monitors, I took the foam rings off. Then immediately put them back on.
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