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Any chance of seeing a Thunderbolt DAC upgrade? Looking for a live performance device with absolutely no discernable (sub-ms) latency and balanced outs. I'm looking at you, Gungnir.
Yup, padded side facing in.
Target Product: Sound Blaster E5 Head-fi Username: morethansense Location: Perth, Australia Do you own any similar products? If yes, which: ​Portable amps: Cayin C5, PA2v2, edit: AT-PH50BT on its way. Devices that I will review with: SE846, Noble Audio 4, AKG K7XX, Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm iPod Nano 7th Gen, OnePlus One, Windows PC Link(s) to a previous review(s): ​Audio-related: Denon D510 Non-audio (more recent): Solarforce S2200...
 I'm basically envisioning a SYS on 'roids.Asgard/Bifrost/Lyr sized chassis. Combo TRS/XLR inputs! 3 selectable outputs with independent mixes. Think pro-audio 'Sends on Faders' type. Touch to select input, press (the only) encoder to mute/unmute selected, turn for levels. And of course, nice bright white LEDs for attenuation indicators on the front.
 I personally use MyUS.comI have never tried anything else so I can't say if they're the best or cheapest per se, but they haven't failed me once for five orders the past year with with a total value of over USD 3 grand.I've shipped my phone, pre-amps, AD/DA converters, microphones. No issues whatsoever.
  If/when my set come apart like that, I'd use the opportunity to change the cables, relief and slider.
 Yeah I don't think it was meant to be hot-swappable.I've already bent the pins on my Noble 4 though, I don't like how the pins aren't supported by shell housing around the plastic part of the plug.
Not quite sure I agree with your mmcx opinion . my 215s have lasted 4 years of running abuse with no sign of wear.
(Insert facetious comment about the multitude of off-topic chatter here.) This is me doing a comparison (series of vague one-liners) of audio signatures between the K7XX, DT880 (250 ohm) and the Soundmagic HP200.All through a Schiit Asgard (original flavour) via Antelope Orion 32.  [[SPOILER]]  The 880s have been my go to cans for years for relaxed private listening, and were my first non-closed headphone. To me, they're clean, sweet and not too dry.In comparison to the...
 Did it, hated it, undid it.
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