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 Silver cable and Copper cable sound quite different. (both LOD and mini to mini) Copper cable has more mid and base than treble. Silver cable has great detail of treble and good mid. So I feel copper = warm and softsilver = neutral and sharp
@TekeRugburn   Thank you. They sound fantastic too.   @Shakenbake158   I have not tried DX50 yet. I already got AK100 so I am going to keep it as long as it is working. (I don't want to waste money)
Thank you~
Three amps and matching receivers     1. AK100 + CORDA STEPDANCE + HD25-1 II (Oyaide HPC-HD25)     2. iPOD Classic + Headroom TotalBit Head + ER4P (APure Sound Cable)     3. iPOD 5.5th + RSA Intruder + Westone ES5 (ALO SXC24 Balanced Cable)     All Together
My recent portable rig   AK100 + CORDA STEPDANCE   These combination sounds lovely.                
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