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As a proud owner of the concept 16.5 . It is a stunning sounding headphone amp . Though at times with the stepped volume control sometimes it is hard getting a good volume adjustment for proper listening levels . The 16.5 plays with such authority that listening sessions can be very exciting . I would definitely wait till another concept 11.0 appears . It is definitely worth waiting for . 
 Nad did make some pretty decent sounding units back in the day. I used to have two nad c 370 integrated amps that I used. I used one for each channel which in effect were pseudo mono blocks . They worked fairly well in that set up sounding better than a single unit. But eventually I got tired of the clutter and moved on to other things .
 I do not know what a parasound amp like the 400 watt mono blocks sell for in your area but I imagine they would be pretty decent . Their higher powered stereo amps would probably be pretty decent if the mono blocks are too pricey. You might consider some older Threshold amplifiers . I used to have a Stasus 3  it was a pretty decent amp in its day . But it put out only150 watts a channel . Symphonic line also makes some mono block amps that are not too expensive. They are...
 What kind of money do you want to spend ? That has a lot to do with what is available these days at least at a reasonable price  . Your pioneer should be able to drive the revels decently I imagine . I checked out the sansuii it looks impressive with over double the power into a 4 ohm load . If the amp is in decent shape and or can be refurbished at a reasonable price it could be serviceable for the revels . I am not familiar with the sansuii separates I have heard some...
 There are lots of good speakers around for 5k . You should not have any problems finding some decent ones for that price . 
 What a beauty she is .
 I have had my ud-501 for a couple of years now and it sometimes surprises me how good it can sound . I recently moved it to my main set up after I had to take my decco 2 in to get a jack replaced . I was at axpona and purchased a new set of siltech interconnects . Unfortunately they were so tight that they pulled the input jack contact right out of the unit . Those cardas connectors are extremely tight fitting . You have to literally force them into the rca inputs . Which...
 I remember the old kef b139 woofers back then they were quite unique for woofers back then .
 Pretty cool send us more pics as the process progresses .
 Actually TAD is the high end division of Panasonic not Pioneer . Their 42 thousand dollar model is great . I have heard them at a local dealer that was trying them out along with their equipment . Too bad they decided not to sell them .  But the equipment and speaker sounded damn good . I really liked the speaker it was one of the best sounding speakers that the dealer had in the store at the time . But 42 grand is a bit too steep for my shallow pockets . But it did sound...
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