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 There are lots of good speakers around for 5k . You should not have any problems finding some decent ones for that price . 
 What a beauty she is .
 I have had my ud-501 for a couple of years now and it sometimes surprises me how good it can sound . I recently moved it to my main set up after I had to take my decco 2 in to get a jack replaced . I was at axpona and purchased a new set of siltech interconnects . Unfortunately they were so tight that they pulled the input jack contact right out of the unit . Those cardas connectors are extremely tight fitting . You have to literally force them into the rca inputs . Which...
 I remember the old kef b139 woofers back then they were quite unique for woofers back then .
 Pretty cool send us more pics as the process progresses .
 Actually TAD is the high end division of Panasonic not Pioneer . Their 42 thousand dollar model is great . I have heard them at a local dealer that was trying them out along with their equipment . Too bad they decided not to sell them .  But the equipment and speaker sounded damn good . I really liked the speaker it was one of the best sounding speakers that the dealer had in the store at the time . But 42 grand is a bit too steep for my shallow pockets . But it did sound...
just go to  the teac website  and download the review
    I think that 750 usd price is for the discontinued ud-501 and not the ud-503 . I have a ud-501 and have been satisfied with it though I wished it had a peamp function so I could use it as a preamp for my desk powered monitors(emotiva airmotiv 5s original version) so I could control the volume with a pre instead of the attenuators on the monitor.   I love my akg 701s for their forensic ability to accurately reveal the nature of the source . But the k701 does not easily...
I was browsing the reviews of the k 701 and came across one that claimed their bose headphone was superior . Wow I think that person really needs to invest in a hearing aid .The crap that bose puts out is an affront to high fidelity . The people who dislike the 701 are most likely using underpowered amplifiers .I have heard a lot of amps that just do not have the necessary horsepower to make the 701 sing . The 701 is a hungry headphone and is not easily driven . But if...
    Is that a empire troubador turntable ?
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