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Removal of the stock potentiometer is a serious task, certainly not easy that's for sure you'll need a solder sucker tool for it and even then it might not  work since the tabs are tight in there and any traces of solder make it very difficult to remove.
The black EKS were the ones I tested in the 1000 spot that time. A full setup would be awesome.
Some gold coloured Frako 47uf  KEJ series here but not had a chance to try them out. ( 6mm x 13mm axial ) Physical sizes sure jump up fast after that it's too bad.   The ROE it looks like it fits well physically =rather surprising Do you have the model # handy ? Can pm if you like.   Trying out some smaller RIFA next?  :)
how do the Frako sound?!   Is the ROE decent in that 1000 spot?   no pressure no pressure
For sure the Nichicon build is scrapped as it is above there anyhow.    Not had enough time lately to settle things between the two Elna.   I'd messed around with fast swaps of the 1000uf also with a few brands as well. Just too many variables and sidelined with other things lately to get a good solid handle on it all ( and have adequate time for the caps to settle  during trials ), but will settle down on something soon I think. Sometimes a bit of space is necessary...
best place to get more responses would be in this thread here, it's a great one.
Excellent stuff SimpleMystic.    You bought those new? Here's a scan I did a while back for the model range at the time . I assume it is the M.B.S. model from your description. I missed out on a set a bit ago with that unit.Click on the image for enlarged readable version.
^looking good there. Akg's, Philips, Pioneer, Furutech ( which one= 118 or 128?  do you like it? ), Elega 232 or variant ( those are not bad at all )   what's the white one is it a Toshiba?
Which opamp?   Speaking of missing USB ports, the one I"lost" the usb port on I will add in a female charge port for a wall adapter, but unsure whether to tie in where the usb got removed on the pcb or bypass that directly to the wires of the battery. IIRC when I looked at the stock setup the  trace right after the USB tie-in point on the board went through the board to a resistor on the backside. ( USB + , to resistor, then other end of that same resistor to ground...
^ people are going to have to start making cages for the tops of these things like tooob amps pretty soon.   Dark Helmet the Cerafine are you only using them in the 100uf position with the rest being = 10uf Nichicon FG, 47uf Nichcon FG and ______ ( Elna  RE3???) 1000uf?
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