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on the subject of surprising animals.
Ultrasone Pro2500
Looks like a funny blister pack of gum. Brony flavours?  Still go blind using it. Can it be used for Caiman food? Personally i just use Bilocation, to go directly there and talk in person while I am busy doing other things.
someone ( lookin at you cardboard ) needs to do a list of all the hyped stuff under such hyperbolic categories such as best kept secret giant killer bang for buck sub $100 awesomereseter sub $50 insanity budget wonder new hybrid wonder game changing NEW best Hidden Gem   and so on   list the iems/cans, associated hype title ( or multiple ones ), length of time in weeks before it is no longer mentioned ( and whatever else ).
lurking in the weeds waiting silently for some of the Caiman C5 portable amp hype
Fischer Audio 's NEW Kennerton high end lineup: Appears these are out very soon. Also their new orthodynamic fullsized, " ODIN "   Another amp coming, able to deal with 8 - 600 ohms cans! KENNERTON CRIPTIC High slew rate and extremely low-distortion operational amplifier Durable aluminum enclosure Built-in Lithium-ion battery charged from Micro USB port Battery life >10 hours Supports headphone impedances of 8 ohms to 600 ohms  Not only that but a few new...
I had a set of the Nakamichi 150 I think they were, which  had the black plastic shroud type cup hangers instead of the exposed metal ones like you have there.  From previous research these 100/150 models appear to be made by ITT Shaub-Lorenz, even the massive grey driver capsule looks the same ( mylar drivers far as I can see , so no paper cone stuff here!), however the ITT are 400 ohms instead of 8ohms in the Nakamichi. Nakamichi probably outsourced these to ITT, who...
yes here :)
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