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so is it like in a sense hydraulic pressure on ear side limiting the throw ( from a smaller opening less air/pressure can escape?) Sure seems like it
I have seen these T7 sporadically do you want me to PM you if I see one again?
That could also be goofy translation or slight miscommunication / misunderstanding, would be nice to hear 100%. though unless serious changes were made it might be incremental . Sorry if stating the obvious here :P
the PM-3 refurbs ( like new with warranty ) are $80 off so $319, but then shipping of course. Unsure if you saw that. Best of luck on your search :)
Also the bass lens focussing effect of a smaller hole might be something to consider overall, though that is not always so, mostly I would say. In theory it is so in a given situation and particular setup might not be in effect. I would guess that might drop down the airy aspects. Just talking out loud feel free to ignore if you haven't already.
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