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What a fantastic gift! ( HD800 ) !!!! Do you feel they live up to the "hype"? Anything you like listening to best on those?  There are a few females, but I think it is because females are generally smarter and don't get all googly over technicalities and obsess over it. Smart in that I bet females find it easier to just sit back and enjoy the music. Generalization yes because all people are different, but it's the best I can come up with. The way it is supposed to...
Good reminder to make sure we all do our due diligence in checking things out.   Worthy thread bump.
Sf if you are gonna get on dat dating wagon , you better get the dance moves honed to a "t"   Take a tip from a proven winner: Are you taking notes yet, or at least testing this out.   The hype infection depth in here has slowly become less virulent. Too busy looking and waiting for the next incremental thing to sit back and take stock of what they have.
Theres a few posts not much though.[0]=586909&advanced=1Any news or impressions would be welcome, or even translations from original pages.
Add in the 10 hour Rickroll, and maybe the 10 hour Barney signing one and we might have something  terrible and unstoppable wait wayne you buying or selling?
Thank you very much. Your English is most excellent ( like always )and yes very easy to understand still, it's getting better! Prwetty soon it will be better than mine even :) ( see I even just misspelled "pretty" )    I like how in depth you were here.  As I understand it you took the felt bass lens from the ear - side of the driver and moved it to inside the cups on the rear side of the driver, but under the mineral wool disc still.   So =    Baffle >Driver >...
Saw that thanks. Scary stuff.
^ Headphoneaddict was instrumental in my first iem purchase, the NuForce NE-7M.
iQEM: I see you are reeeeaaaly enjoying the T30 greatly.   I was randomly looking up information for something else and noticed it is not in your old list on the Wikipedia site. The rating chart.  I know this rating will always change, and i see it IS 4 years old now roughly, but am curious where you would put the T30 today ( what level # ), as it is right now with your current moddifications and those excellent looking pads on it. thanks very much.
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