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As soon as Wayne pays the ransom I will release them. And also sfwalcers were added "insurance" for the payment.   Remit funds in multiple sets of non-denominational serial numbered  Sony EX-800ST  and J-Phonic iems, JVC HP-DX700's, and a bag of naturally flavoured Ketchup Chips.   So the Kingsound was indeed the amp unit then that needed a 'lil fiximicating? Their aesthetics are nice.
Hope we will see the inside shots soon ( doubtful ). Just thinking on what they are using to drive stuff. What about having those side panels detachable with long extension wires ( think boombox days ) and a fast action-click headband assembly for when you want to go intimate :)
Joker : Aside from large soundstage , doesn't J-Phonic K2 SP ( also the M2 I assume ) come reasonably close to that large list of requirements?
if I recall correctly I think I purposely blocked the Valis opera from my mind. I'll see about refreshing on that.
So H.P. Lovecraft was NOT fiction after all... I thought so...  yessir off to scour.      
and TDS-16 small versions:)
Was the driver held in place only with the foam holding it to the baffle? ( besides the friction from the felt ring ) or does the cup fit there hold it in place when the curved clamps in the picture get seated back down?
 Guess I am in the minority, according to your report.   In that case I will heed another call, and shift to climbing some other mountains of madness. As a diy guy therefore somewhat of an outsider ( I love that craft ) further explorations in dark mods due to my increased lurking fear of treble should allow me to better appreciate the music of Erich Zann, which of course is modelled after Pickman. At any rate such experiments will allow me to stay beyond the wall of...
Possibly a direct capsule type of damping without ruining the open nature. Tricky.
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