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^ even stretching a thin layer of nylon over the inside rears would help with some possible dust and probably still remain acoustically transparent.   QUOTE from past link     I just got some Shure 550 pads today . I have to say they are really nice, they worked out to ~$10 Canadian a pair plus the usual taxes etc. Got them from Headphoneshop here in Canadaland. (  I think also carries them )   Now the important parts. They feel very soft, very close to...
which ones
NVM links to a recent mod picture set
what about trying some other pads :
Nice to see a good old one back in action, as far as I can tell from memory I think these are made by Elega, same as their DR-111C models, which incidentally have a decent 16-220000 spec. Elega was/is one of the first largescale OEM for many things, and I know there are a couple other models of these around from different companies. Maybe one day I'll spring for...
Fascinating, very nice design, I would consider leaving a bit of empty space in the cup rears to allow for various combinations of damping materials to be added and experimented on. Other than that looks amazing.
was reading some posts and they seemed to say it will stick to your tip and be hard to get off, possibly wreck the tip, but so long as you get it all off without obviously heating up the tab too much, apparently yes you can replace it with other solder once clean. Not many posts to search through actually ( 2 pages worth ) best have a look to be sure, I just searched " aluminum solder "
The circuit board pcb setup is only in the one side, but pull off the pads then open the baffles up. The screws can be a bit tight to crack so use the right size bit and pressure to get in there. If you do that they should be readily available for access. I find the comfort issue to me anyhow is due the the limited swivel of the cups, still not gotten around to shaving or grinding off a bit more angle on the stopper to let them fit better, but when I do will post pictures.
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