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blocollies all the way
^ excellent thanks, you have a preference with velour or pleather? = Tinkerer those look really good.Thanks for posting about the modification trials.
Curious what pads you are using, I'd like to try another option to eliminate the suction effect. It'd be nice to find the original style GMP? Maestro ( or whatever they are called now ) crinkly looking stock things like seen in the catalog listings.
Not usually but I have some older stuff that I guess is a mix of vinyl rips, and is biased towards one side. Depends on the mastering/recording, and what it is. It'll be a case by case basis.   If you are at all curious about imbalance ( ?  unsure if this is what you are getting at ?) find a stereo receiver/amp that has a mono/stereo switch and try it in mono to see if it is the headphones or the tracks.
"without the grill" you mean completely closed off right?
Yes I do. In trying to clean the drivers of the decayed sticky foam I had some small tears when I took them apart, the tension of the original fit caused the traces to stick a bit in places and they got a bit torn when taking the diaphragms out. I repaired them with a very extreme small and tissue paper skim of silver conductive epoxy in very small spots equally. I got sound back just fine but as you stated it is possible that the magnet holes might be slightly...
I still keep mine in rotation for certain headphones and amps pairing just like you guys are mentioning.  Pretty solid little player aside from the obvious.   Off to go look at that new model thread and the progress on that one.   J3eeze the slider slot, I assume it's volume, looks like a lint collector magnet.    
That worked out well for you then, the stuff is all fixable one way or the other, I just dislike less than honest sellers.  Glad to see they cost you less in the end, makes it worthwhile. iQEM posted some stuff on the T30 about a month ago maybe ( I lose track of time ), I think with pictures for the T30. I think pics. At any rate there should be some good stuff in here somewhere.   Thanks for checking in with those mod trials. Zeroing in on what you want to hear fast!
You can get Twaron Unicorn Tail it is called, it is the stage before the Angelhair is fluffed up. it is more dense and doesn't look like it self-expands like that. It is supposed to work on a frequency range shifted a bit lower down that the Hair.   Although that too is discontinued. Lots of stock at different sellers still though.
It was in the Stax Lambda series sheets of rear cup damping stuff a pal in here ordered, Stax branded original packaging, with that exact Micron Glasswool name. I would guess there are other things used also though.   Anyone tried any of the ceramic wool for anything at all? I have seen that available in sheets even.   One other thing that someone might want to try somehow is various types and mesh sizes of activated charcoal, the porosity on a few tablespoons of that...
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